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Kids Lighting: Put the FUN in Functional

September 1, 2017

Kids Lighting: Put the FUN in Functional

Whether sleeping or playing, your child will spend a lot of time in their bedroom. A child's bedroom should be fun and creative; however, it still needs to serve its purpose. There are so many ways to use lighting in a fun but functional way to ensure that there is enough light for reading, changing, playing and sleeping. 

Table Lamps

Table lamps are perfect for young children who are learning to read. Placed on a bedside table, a small table lamp will give adequate light for any child, or parent, who is reading a book in bed. If your child is scared of the dark, table lamps placed far away from the bed helps to keep the room light without being so bright your child can't fall asleep. Pick a table lamp with an inline switch for ease up use and a shade to save little fingers from touching the light bulb.

Wonderland Table Lamp

Images via Pinterest - Pictured is the Wonderland Timber Table Lamp 

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are perfectly suited for nurseries as they don't take up much space. They can be placed over feeding chairs or near change tables to focus light. They are also handy as the switch can often be turned on and off using feet with is great when you have your hands full with the baby. Choose a fabric shade for a more diffused light, useful for putting the baby to sleep. Best used in rooms without active crawlers as they could potentially be knocked down. 

 Floor Lamps

Images via Pinterest - Pictured is the Wooden Tripod Floor Lamp and Tilted Tripod Floor Lamp 

Wall Lights

A great option for curious kids who get stuck into everything! Wall lights can come with no visible cords so you won't have to worry about kids tripping over and they can be placed high, away from sticky prying hands. Choose lights with movable arms so the light can be focused on different areas of the room. Wall lights are perfect for playrooms or bedrooms with limited space.

Images via Pinterest - Pictured is the Industrial Two Arm Light 

Pendant Lights

You can have a lot of fun with pendant lights. They can be used as the hero of a room or to compliment a theme. Choose pendants with unique features to really create a room that feels fun. They can be hung over changing tables to distract little ones or next to beds in place of table lamps. Team with down lights so the room is adequately lit.

Images via Pinterest - Pictured is our Artichoke Timber Pendant Light

Festoon Lights

Purely for decoration, festoon lights are a great way to create a magical kids room. You can hang them along furniture, across ceilings or in a cluster. Usually used outdoors, these lights add a playful element to a childs room and will fuel their imagination!

Festoon Kids Lighting

Images via Pinterest - Pictured are our Festoon Lights

How have you chosen to light up your child's bedroom? Let us know below.

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