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How lighting can make the success of your restaurant

December 18, 2018

How lighting can make the success of your restaurant

Whether you're planning a restaurant, café, bar or pub, it is imperative that your lighting design is done well... 

When someone chooses to eat out, it is to have an enjoyable experience with the food you are creating. It is more often than not, a sensory experience. Lighting can set or dampen the mood depending on the design and placement of your lights. 

You must be clear on your brand and what sort of ambiance and feeling you want to evoke.

For example are you designing an interior for:

  • A trendy bar where friends can meet up and socialise
  • A quiet cosy cafe to relax and read a book or work remotely in peace
  • A romantic restaurant to wine and dine your loved one
  • A loud and lively pub to watch the footy with friends
  • A sophisticated upscale restaurant where a business person can impress their client to win a deal

Regardless of the style of restaurant you will need to consider the following:

Always make an entrance

Attractive lighting from the outside of a restaurant or cafe is what typically influences foot traffic to enter a restaurant. It is important to make an impact and great first impression. It is just as important to get the lighting right on the outside as it is on the inside of your premise. Successfully designed exterior lighting is attractive and invites people from the outside in. It let's people know that you are open for business. If your restaurant is hidden or located away from lots of foot traffic, clever lighting can draw customers in to check you out.

Are the lights too light or dark?

Firstly, you must provide enough lighting for your patrons to be able to see their food and beverages. You don't want your patrons fumbling around in the dark. 

Although, if the lighting is too bright your customers won't feel relaxed. Consider installing dimmable globes if you want exact control of the brightness your lights.

Murmur Piano Bar

    Know how your customers move in the space

    Empathise with your customers. Think of the various scenarios that they would interact in your space and curate your lighting to make their experience pleasant.

    Understand the traffic flow in your restaurant space. For example, many restaurants and bars use strategically placed lights to highlight their more premium wine and liquor. This can be achieved with wall lights and down lights installed on the bar shelf.

    Don't install lighting that restricts your ability to renovate

    Hospitality lighting trends are constantly changing. In order to keep your restaurant feeling fresh and exciting, you may need to update the design occasionally. Change the lighting in your restaurant or cafe occasionally to keep your customers intrigued.

    Keep overheads down with LEDs

    LED globes are a popular globe choice for restaurant and cafe lighting because they come in a wide range of temperatures, are energy efficient and are very long lasting. You don't want to subject your customers to the annoying flickering of a dying light globe.

    Fat Shack Vintage

    Do you have any other restaurant tips? Have you had any pleasant (or unpleasant) experiences with lighting in restaurants or cafes? Comment below...
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