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Creative Ways To Add Wood To Your Home

August 14, 2017

Creative Ways To Add Wood To Your Home

Wood is one of the best materials you can use in your home to add warmth. There are so many different styles and colours of wood to choose from, you can add wood to almost any colour palette and decor style. You can use accent pieces in your home to create a stylish statement without feeling like you are living in a log cabin. 

Under A Kitchen Island Bench

Make a subtle impact in your kitchen by using wood on the sides of a kitchen bench. It creates a natural feel whilst keeping your kitchen modern and fresh. Building in wooden shelves are a great way to add extra storage too.

Wooden Kitchen Island Bench

Image via Pinterest  

Make Use Of Recessed Walls With Joinery

Don't let any space in your home become obsolete. You can do great things with those recessed walls by adding wooden joinery. Create shelving, a reading nook or even a work desk.

Wooden joinery as work space

Image via Pinterest 

Mix and Match

Using wood doesn't need to involve huge chunks of brown timber. The great thing about wood is that you can use it with any colour or materials to create a stylish look. Glass and timber are a match made in heaven and the best way to utilise this look is with lighting. Look for lights that have wooden shades or accessories and have fun with your styling.

Wooden Pendant Lights

Image via Pinterest

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

Recycling or upcycling is very popular at the moment. Use timber lying around the garden or go to a timber yard for larger pieces. This is a really affordable way to create furniture. Choose a thick piece of wood and add legs to make a bench.

Wooden planter bench

Image via Pinterest

 Flip It!

Wood is only meant for floorboards right? Wrong! Wood panels can be used to create a statement ceiling and looks especially good on high or slanted ceilings. Adding wood will instantly create a cosy environment and can help to break up a plain colour palette.

Wooden roof slats

Image via Pinterest


Not ready to feature wood in a permanent way? Try accessorising with small pieces of furniture or decor items such as bowls and frames. Wood accents look great with natural fibres like wood and leather.

Wooden Bedside TableImage via Pinterest

Have you featured wood in your house? How did you decide to do it? Let us know in the comments below.

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