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Creating Kerb Appeal With Modular Walls

November 17, 2017

Creating Kerb Appeal With Modular Walls

You only have one chance to make a good first impression and the same can be said about your home. Whether someone is visiting or just driving past, they will make a judgement on your home without having seen the inside. If you are selling your house, updating your facade is the easiest way to add value to your home and often buyers will make a snap decision on whether they will view a house, based on the outside appearance. Even if you are not selling, you can increase the "kerb appeal" of your home and make it the best looking house in the street.

We talk to Nick from ModularWalls about increasing the "kerb appeal" of your property.

1. What does the term "kerb appeal" mean to you?

Kerb appeal, to me, is that 'WOW, that's a cool house' as you drive past. It’s something that stands out from the rest in your row. It doesn't have to be one element, but a combination of getting it all right and creating a cohesive effect. 

2. How can you give your home kerb appeal?

 Architecture, style, lighting, colour selections, the use of gardens and plants -and, of course - fencing / wall selection. It’s a combination of a lot of factors and again, like everything in life, the details in that final 5% is what separates the best from the rest!

3.  What should home owners consider when updating their homes facade?

As there are so many facade options available, you need to first decide on your style - Beach, Modern, Traditional, Hamptons etc. This will determine your material selection options. It’s such a critical element of your home - spend some money and get professional advice if needed, but go armed with what you like with inspirational images from Pinterest or Instagram.  

4. What do ModularWalls Do?

ModularWalls operate in the Commercial and Residential sectors. For the residential projects, a Modular Wall offers the home owner the ability to frame their back garden or home with a ‘blank canvas’. You can paint our walls to match the colour scheme of your home and attain a more connected outdoor design, or even make your space feel bigger, whilst providing an acoustic benefit between neighbours. They ultimately a touch of elegance and class for half the price of a brick wall.

ModularWalls makes your outdoor space more usable, tranquil and have 'fence' appeal - people just wanna touch it and see what it is. You don't get that with timber or metal! 

5. What has been your favourite ModularWalls transformation and why?

This transformation located in Newmarket, QLD, and it was quite complex and looked stunning as a result. The client used our products in so many ways that proved effective to their kerb appeal – integrated and stand-alone retaining, pool wall, boundary wall, all on a sloped block.

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