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Common Lighting Problems In The Home And How To Fix Them

September 8, 2017

Common Lighting Problems In The Home And How To Fix Them

Lighting can either make or break a room. There are so many different options when it comes to lighting your home that it can often leave you frustrated when the lights you have chosen don't suit the space or what you are using it for. Check out our solutions below to the most common lighting problems people have in their home.

"My Kitchen Has Downlights But I Still Can't See What I'm Cooking"

Downlights provide a general glow in the home but more focused lighting is needed for areas where tasks will be completed. Try incorporating several different lighting solutions to create a balanced kitchen space. Pendant lights are best hung over a kitchen island bench and produce focused light whilst also adding to the decor of a room. Play around with the cord drop length to suit your needs. Another option is adding downlights under overhead cupboards which is especially helpful in small kitchens. 

Kitchen Pendant Lights

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 "I Don’t Know How To Light An Awkward Space"

Do you have a recessed wall that stays dark because the other lighting doesn’t reach it? Try adding extra downlights within the nook or a wall light or pendant that will focus light in that small space and allow you to make use of it. Why not get the best out of that space by creating a reading nook or study area. Wall lights can be fixed in place or can have movable arms allowing you to focus light wherever you would like.

Desk Lighting

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 "My Bathroom Is Lit But My Reflection Leaves A Lot To Be Desired"

The wrong bathroom mirror light can make you look and feel terrible. There is a fine balance between giving you enough light to complete tasks, and turning you into the monster in the mirror. Fluorescent lighting is too bright, yellow light can make you look tired and sick and downlights casts shadows that can add years to your face. The best light comes from a natural source however this is not always an option. In lieu of a window or skylight, a warm, white light from an LED light bulb is the way to go. Use wall lights on either side of the mirror to ensure an even dispersion of light. Hollywood vanity lights are perfect for an impressive reflection.

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"My Bedroom Lacks Ambiance. How Do I Make It More Inviting?"

Finding it hard to get into the mood? One word: dimmable. Dimmable light bulbs can have their brightness changed with a simple turn of a switch. This allows you to decide how dark or light you want the room to be. Try using a large chandelier in the middle of the room with pendant or wall lights on either side of the bed. Ensure they each have different switches giving you the ability to customize the combination of lighting in the room.

Bedroom Lights

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"I'm Renting But I Still Want To Be Creative With My Lighting"

Want to keep your bond but need to update your lighting stat? Floor lamps and table lamps can be added to a room as decorative or functional pieces of lighting. The styles can easily be changed with different bulb types or shades making it perfect for people who like to play around with different room styles. Another option is a pendant converter that plus into a ceiling fitting to create your very own pendant light without an electrician needed.

Rental Floor Lamps

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 Know of any other lighting problems you would like us to address? Let us know below.


2 Responses


September 19, 2017

Hi Deidre

Thanks for your feedback. We have a few similar wall lights:

Victoria Batten Wall Light

Kensington Swivel Wall Light

Glass Ball Swivel Wall Light



Deidre Mitchell
Deidre Mitchell

September 9, 2017

Do you guys have some wall lights just like the ones in the photo for the bathroom picture ?

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