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Vintage Industrial Style Furniture For Home Design

October 23, 2013

Vintage Industrial Style Furniture For Home Design

It's no secret that we love industrial style furniture here at Fat Shack Vintage. You can take many different routes within the landscape of this one style. As a recap: you can combine aspects such as smooth and rough, bright colours and earthy tones, metal and wood, and much, much more. The underlying industrial theme that binds it all together is that the items were once a functional piece of furniture or equipment used in a warehouse or factory environment. Placed in modern interiors this adds true character to any home design. So what kind of vintage industrial furniture should you go for? Here are some ideas.


Desks & Tables:

Industrial style furniture is greatly inspired by the industrial revolution, which is partially why they are so fitting as desks, work tops and tables that see intensive use. In the above example, this heavy duty table is perfect to eat, play and work on. And as shown here in the extreme, you can mix lots of other styles in with industrial. When it comes to desks, there are many great robust designs available in materials such as wood, metal and leather. But if your desk is also your DIY workplace, then a nice big industrial table will do just as well. 



Drawers, Cupboards & More:

Old warehouses are the cradle of vintage industrial storage furniture such as drawers, cupboards and shelves. Since their glory days some of them have aged beautifully, making them an authentic and useful addition to your home. For example, the weathered shelves above have plenty of character and storage space for you to place your books or curiosa on. And thanks to the steel construction and castor wheels, this is also a useful construction that will last for a while.




And let's not forget about the importance of lights. Big styles of industrial style pendant lighting can provide task lighting for spaces with intensive use (industrial desks & tables!) and can be an interesting focus point for that area. There are various styles of industrial pendant lighting such as these two shown above, which allow you to blend the lighting in with other existing styles in your home. Apart from big lights there are also many smaller hanging light types, such as  bunker cage lights and trouble lights. If you're looking for something lower to the ground, these classic industrial lights are also available as floor lamps and desk lamps nowadays. 




Vintage industrial seating furniture such as chairs and benches are often simple and sturdy, again making them ideal for areas in which lots of activity takes place. Kitchens, breakfast bars, but also children's bedrooms and patios are good spots to use these industrial gems. In the example above, a stool chair that may have been used by a worker assembling things on a conveyor belt, is the ideal height for a bar stool. On top of that, its rough appearance provides a nice contrast with the smooth white of the bar itself.





Even though vintage industrial furniture was designed to be practical, some of it has fallen into disuse. But this doesn't mean it cannot have a place in modern industrial home design. It is a real pleasure to infuse your contemporary interior with unusual vintage pieces that add to the décor of the room, even if they're not immediately useful. Just think of those beautiful Singer sewing machines. You can put objects in between your books or on top of cupboards and desks. Spend some time hunting for vintage industrial treasures online or in old furniture shops. It will definitely be worthwhile!


What's your favourite industrial style furniture in your household?



(image 1 via apartmenttherapy, image 2 via desiretoinspire, Image 3 & 4 via Fat Shack Vintage, Image 5 & 6 via desiretoinspire)

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