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5 Easy Ways To Update Your Kitchen

September 14, 2017

5 Easy Ways To Update Your Kitchen

The kitchen is probably the most utilised room in the house and chances are it isn't just used for cooking anymore. Whether you choose to entertain, relax or work in the kitchen, it's easy to create a stylish space without expensive renovations. By making small changes you can create a kitchen that you won't mind spending a lot of time in!

Display Your Sunday Best

When choosing decor for your kitchen, look no further than what you already have. Do you own beautiful decorative plates that only come out for special occasions? Why hide them away? Have a vintage set of scales or a retro mixer? They deserve to be seen! What about hanging your designer pots and pans? Choosing to display your interesting kitchen items will create a beautiful but functional space. It also might encourage you to use these items more!

Kitchen Retro

Image via Pinterest

Update Fittings And Fixtures

Cupboard doors and door handles can go out of date very quickly. Luckily they are just as quick to change for an instant kitchen update. Don't be tempted to go for the most popular fixtures and fittings just because they are currently in style. It is more important to keep your kitchen uniform in style than to be a trend follower otherwise your kitchen just won't look right. A quick splash of paint on cupboard doors might be the only update needed to give the illusion of a new kitchen. If you are confident you can keep it neat and tidy, why not take the doors off your overhead cupboards to give the illusion on more space. 

Kitchen Fittings

Image via Pinterest

Change Your Splashback

They say a change is as good as a holiday. Well think of this as a holiday for your kitchen. Changing your splashback is a great way to update your kitchen. Available in several different colours and materials, you can completely change the feel and style of your kitchen. Choose from glass, tiles, metal or marble. This could easily done on the weekend by an experienced DIY-er, otherwise leave it up to the professionals. 

Kitchen Marble Splashback

Image via Pinterest

Change Your Shades

Lighting can be easy to update without needing an electrician. If you have kitchen pendants you only need to change the shades for an instant update. Adding LED Strip lighting under overhead cabinets or islands will give any kitchen a modern update. Sometimes updating a kitchen light can be as simple as changing a light bulb to a different brightness or shape.

Kitchen Lighting

Image via Pinterest

Hang A Statement Piece Of Art

Kitchens shouldn't be left out when choosing where artwork should be displayed. Obviously you need to keep in mind the types of activities being done in certain areas and how exposed the art will be but a large artwork can create a focal point in a kitchen. Choose an artwork that compliments your kitchen style and colour palette. 

Kitchen Artwork

Image via Pinterest

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