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5 Ideas for Your Much-Needed Man Cave

September 25, 2015

5 Ideas for Your Much-Needed Man Cave

Ah, the man cave. A place of beers, games and unnecessary but very cool items. We can relate to these masculine spaces, if only because they go perfect with some cool lighting. But there is more, much more. It’s a place away from all the fuzz, where you can work or play in peace. Surrounded by your favourite things, it’s the perfect space to relax. If you are craving one and are looking for some man cave ideas, then this blog post is for you! We have listed five types of man cave designs to serve as inspiration for your project. Enjoy!

The gentleman’s man cave

Think leather chairs, speakeasies, Clark Gable and pre-WWII styles such as art deco. The gentleman’s man cave is filled with the finer things in life; whether that’s a good book, your favourite whisky or a custom made desk. In this room, you can get things done or sit back and relax in peace. And when the fella’s come around, the bar is filled up and ready. This classic man cave will bring out the gentleman in you.

The fan man cave

The fan man cave is filled with items related to your favourite things: whether that’s a superhero or a sports team, it’s got to have some seriously cool themed accessories. Above, the Captain America fan has gone into awesome detail with the bent bars. Sober but masculine, it’s a great place to work or hang out. Who’s up for some films?

Tinkerer’s man cave

The tinkerer’s man cave is always filled with sound. When you’re not busy working on your latest project, you’re watching TV or having a beer with friends. Most of the time it’s a mess, but that’s okay. You know where to find everything. Think large, bulky lighting and lots of table and storage space. And a coffee machine somewhere for freshly ground coffee.

Social man cave

The social man cave is the perfect hangout space. Your friends always want to head over to your place because there’s a special room dedicated to games, TV and beer. A casual style will flow well with the laughs that will be had. An attic or basement could be the perfect basis. Be sure to include a fridge big enough for everyone’s drinks and enough seats around the TV. It’s on!

Musician’s man cave

The musician’s man cave is prepped for a jam session at all times. You can decorate it in a style that befits your favourite instrument or music style – from classy jazz to raw rock. You can even put your instrument on display like in the image above, where the guitars truly get all the attention they deserve. Make sure there’s room to store away your instruments and accessories, and that some adequate noise dampening material is in place.

These five man cave designs can help you get started with your own dream project. What are your man cave ideas? Let us know about your ideal items in the comments below!

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Image 1 via camillestyles, image 3 via designindulgances, image 5 via stylish patina, image 7 via decoist, image 9 via Michaels, all others from Fat Shack Vintage

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