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So Your Style Is: Scandinavian Design

July 31, 2015

So Your Style Is: Scandinavian Design

Meet our new hand-picked Scandinavian pendant lights

As a relatively small company, we try to stay in touch with our customers’ wishes. Following trends, we personally select and bring in over half of our stock from various suppliers. For our latest catch we were inspired by the popular Scandinavian style: smooth, sleek curves with accents of native wood. So is your style Scandinavian? Then this blog is for you! Besides featuring our new Scandinavian lighting, we’ll also take you past a few stunning examples of Scandinavian interior design to show how light and minimalism work together to create functional beauty. This collection of pendant lights will inspire and captivate! Are you ready?

Scandinavian pendant light: The Oslo Pendant Light is similar to our Nordic Pendant Light, but has a more rounded shape. They both bring a blend of warm Scandinavian style with a fresh look of modern sleekness to your home. The wood grain finished top looks great against the metal shade, which is available in both black and white.

Scandinavian interior design:
This kitchen has crafted natural texture and smooth white surfaces into one beautiful Scandinavian design. The cupboards without visible handles, the perfectly white wall and smooth white Scandinavian pendant light shade are alternated with wooden borders and small stone tiles. Little details like the curved tap and jars with round wooden caps finish the look.

Scandinavian pendant light:
The smooth streamlined edges and shape of the Copenhagen Pendant Light are reminiscent of the retro Danish era and will certainly add a level of cool sophistication to your dining area!

Scandinavian interior design: This dining area is dominated by white and (pine) wood, creating a very serene space. Although the overbearing white environment looks very contemporary, it doesn’t feel too sterile because of all the plants, which make the room feel even more natural and airy.

Scandinavian pendant light:
The Stockholm Ceiling Light has a characteristic cone/drop shape which simply oozes Scandinavian design. It could be seen as far as the bustling department stores on Drottinggatan street or in a quaint café down the alleys of the 'Gamla Stan' Old Town. Both the black and white  "dipped" finish beautifully contrast with the natural wood style top. Casual elegance at its finest!

Scandinavian interior design: In an almost entirely white environment, black elements stand out even more. This Scandinavian interior design is taking full advantage of the contrast, choosing a select few pieces in black to create a contemporary but natural feeling style. Perfect for this historical building!

Scandinavian pendant light:
This Industrial Dane Pendant Light is the perfect marriage between industrial and Scandinavian lighting. With its round design, oak wood top finish, black chain and metal cage guard it is a great addition to either a café, bar, restaurant or your own home.

Scandinavian interior design: This living room has a wonderfully calm palette of grey, white and pastel green. Pine wood, fabric, wool and fur make it feel warmer and more natural at the same time. Imagine relaxing on this sofa with a cup of coffee – perfect!

Scandinavian pendant light:  
Helsinki Ceiling Light. Taking inspiration from the famous "Temple of Silence" in Helsinki, this pendant light boasts a sleek structured metal shade in an oak wood style finish. The exposed black rubber trim and metal attachments give it a subtle industrial edge. 

Scandinavian interior design: Leaning towards a more rustic interpretation, this Scandinavian style bedroom has an almost cottage feel to it. Apart from traditional elements such as light wood and patterned pillow covers, the wooden coat racks in various tones are the best feature. They don’t just look good as a border; they are also practical and leave plenty of room to get creative. You could weave things through the pegs, hang a small pendant from them as a bedside lamp or display treasured items – such as your favourite dress.

So, as a lover of Scandinavian interior design, what do you think of our Scandinavian pendant lights? We would love to hear your opinion in the comments below!

Image 2 & 8 via Pinterest, 4 via myscandinavianhome, 6 via Paula Arcklin, 10 via digsdigs, all others via Fat Shack Vintage.


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Melville Electrician
Melville Electrician

August 30, 2015

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