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How to Rock Vintage Lamps in Your Interior

July 10, 2015

How to Rock Vintage Lamps in Your Interior

Attention all lovers of quirky vintage lamps! This blog is dedicated especially to you. Have you ever come across the coolest vintage lighting, only to conclude it probably wouldn’t really fit with your interior? Well, it turns out that sometimes, it can! We’ve gathered some tips and tricks to make that one edgy vintage light stand out in your interior without feeling awkward or old-fashioned. Here’s how.

There are two things you should mainly keep in mind when using vintage lights – especially bold ones – in your interior. Firstly, place them in a central point, where they can be an eye-catching, edgy addition to the room. Secondly, there should be enough ‘contemporary’ style elements around them to tone the room down as a whole. This way, you’ll prevent your home from looking like your granny’s place. That doesn’t mean you can only hang a bright red retro pendant if the rest of the interior is all clean and sleek contemporary design. It’s a matter of balance. It would be perfectly okay to hang an old library light in a vintage industrial interior, for example. Let’s take a look some examples to explain further.

As you can see, the above study area has more than one vintage element in it than just the bright orange lamp shade. But the b This nursery is very neutral. So rown desk chair and white desk lamp are both more modest than the tassled table lamp, which adds a vivid zing of colour to the predominantly white space.

This small kitchen is filled with vintage flair, from the table, chair and vintage pendant light combo to the retro weighing scales and quirky teapot on the shelves. It’s all held together by the edgy, but more modern black and white wallpaper.

In this living room, the classic architectural features are combined with more sleek, almost mid-century modern furniture pieces. The clustered retro pendant lights provide just a bit more contrast to than the seating, adding to the sophistication. Alternatively, a vintage Tiffany pendant light would have worked great here as well to tie the ornate ceiling to the sofa and decorative pillows.

 This nursery is very neutral. So neutral, that the eye is already drawn to the black lamp body. It could be easily painted in a cheery colour, or replaced by a vintage cork lamp. The latter would fit the neutral theme when switched off, but transform into an orange, warm glowing light when switched on.

The owners of this home have chosen a classic chandelier for their provincial style living room. It works, but is a bit of a cliché solution. Imagine it being replaced by the beaded tassle light – same elegance feel, but a different vintage style that would add just a tad more variation and drama.

If you’re a fan of quirky vintage lamps, what would you want to put in your room? Let us know in the comments! And if you’re out of inspiration, just stop by our lighting collections!

Image 1 via trendhome, image 2 via keltainentalorannalla, image 3 via milkmagazine, image 5 via projectnursery, image 7 via pinterest, image 4, 6 & 8 via FSV


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