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Playful Kid’s Bedroom Lighting Ideas to Ignite Their Imagination

June 12, 2015

Playful Kid’s Bedroom Lighting Ideas to Ignite Their Imagination

Kids are so imaginative, so why not update their bedroom to let them explore that gift? Don’t let kid’s bedroom lighting be defined by design rules, but rather by how much it ignites the imagination. Whether you get really creative or follow a simpler theme, kid’s lighting can contribute a lot to how your child experiences his or her bedroom. So have a look at these kid’s bedroom ideas and see if you can add some light-hearted cheer!  

String up some joy

String lights are great because they’re so versatile. You can hang them in various patterns, let them work together with specific areas of the room, and hang creations of them. In the kid’s bedroom lighting above on the left, the ceiling has been painted a dark colour to make the lights stand out, as if they’re stars in the night sky. On the right, string lights help to make the little area underneath the bed even cosier.

A colour for every situation

Kids are quick to change moods, so why not have kid’s lighting that can do the same? This Bluetooth controlled LED light bulb can change to any colour you’d like. You can match it with the room’s colour or use a contrasting colour, set it to a softer tone to function as a night light, or put it to disco mode with the accompanying app, letting the bulb sync colour changes to the music while your kid dances to his or her favourite song.

Create a story

Create an environment for imaginative stories with themes that could come right out of a story book. Above, a wall painting and a timber table lamp showing children playing in the woods sets the right tone for many adventures amongst the trees.

Have fun with wall art

Even better is to let lights interact with the walls. Use bare bulbs to create (removable) wall art for an even more stimulating, creative display. This is one of the best kid’s bedroom ideas to let your creative juices flow. Be sure to ask your kid for inspiration – their stories are often the best!

Quirky details

Kids love funny, quirky things. Put a smile on their face with unique kid’s bedroom lighting such as vintage marquee lights in a funny shape or lamps with crazily coloured shades. If it links up with a general theme of the room, even better!

So, these are five kid’s bedroom lighting ideas that can really help to ignite the imagination. Any kid’s lighting that tickles your fancy? Or do you have some cool ideas of your own that you’d like to share? Don’t be shy; we’d love to hear about it in the comments below!


Image 1 – 3 & 7 via Houzz, image 5 via Pinterest, image 9 via Urban Outfitters, rest © FSV

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