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20 Easy, DIY Feminine Décor Tips for an Instant Makeover

March 3, 2017

20 Easy, DIY Feminine Décor Tips for an Instant Makeover

You've taken a good look at your room and you're convinced it needs some changes. However, you know that a major overhaul is not a part of your current budget. What to do? Well, there's no reason why you shouldn't give in to your makeover craving, especially when there are many ways to do it without breaking the bank.

Here are 20 practical feminine decor tips you can easily do on your own – or with the help of your family members. It’s time to get your creative juices ready, and prepare yourself for a room transformation!

  1. Paint an accent wall. Is your room clad in boring peach or muted grey? Add a splash of colour by painting one side of the room. Make it nicely contrasting; add bright pinks to clear white walls, reds and orange for bland greys. If you want to go further, decorate that corner with wallpaper for a play on prints.
  2. Change your lighting. Transform your room instantly with an upgrade on your lighting fixture. Turn your regular pendant into a minimalist chandelier. Add table lamps to improve the ambience of your space.

Install light fittings for a quick update

  1. Install a mirror. Create a bigger, airier version of your room by adding a large mirror.
  2. Slip a rug. A colourful rug can instantly create a distinction in areas you want to highlight.
  3. Hang a shelf. Make use of that empty space on the wall by creating a DIY shelf made out of boards. Decorate it with your favourite books and items for a personalized touch.
  4. Add colourful pillows. Another way to showcase a nice pop of colour? Switch your pillowcases into graphical patterns. Or go the other way around by selecting softer designs to tone down the visual elements. Another tip: put on new slipcovers for an instant change!

Geometric cushions for a quick and economical way to update

  1. Make your own artwork display. Set up a gallery of your own works and highlight each with beautiful frames. Hang it asymmetrically for a more creative effect.
  2. Buy a new couch. Pinning for something new? A fresh, colourful couch or chair will easily update your interiors.

Add a colourful chair or couch for a change

  1. Repaint your door. Brighten your feminine décor with a soft pink door or a bright lemon entryway.
  2. Decorate with plants. Fill up your interiors with flowers or decorate your windowsill with potted cacti and ferns.

Add plants for a quick fix

  1. Change your curtains. Maybe it’s time to do away with your current drapes and switch it up for something lighter – or luxe – depending on your preference.
  2. Display random objects by the window. Bring out the child in you by decorating your empty windowsills with various toys and objects. After all, details matter!
  3. Put scented candles. One way to create a new atmosphere inside the room? A new fragrance! Light it up with aromatic candles or use new linen spray.

Scented candles and room spray can have a great effect

  1. Update the light colours. Tired of the ambient amber yellow? How about using soft whites or pale blues instead? Head on to our light bulbs pages to discover your choices.
  2. Repurpose old crates. Use them to create side tables for an extra-industrial touch.
  3. Fill up your centre table with books. Add candles and metallic objects for an instant glam effect.

Add books and metallic objects

  1. Stain your wooden floors. Or alternatively, give it a nice, fresh coat of white for a shabby chic feel.
  2. Frame your latest sewing project. Spending a lot of time sewing? Make monograms for your family and hang it on the wall!
  3. Organize in trays. Put your knickknacks in one spot. Not only will does it help in keeping your room tidy, but it also adds a hint of feminine décor in your space.
  4. Switch the furniture from another room. Tired of seeing the same furniture in your room? Change up coffee tables, stools, chairs and other items from the other space to recreate your vision.

With these tips, you’ll never run out of ideas on redesigning your room sans the large expense.

Which of these are you most likely going to use? Sound of your thoughts below! 

So, what kind of industrial chic furniture will you go for in your home? Let us know your picks in the comments! For more inspiration, check out our full range of pendant lightswall lights and linear lighting today. 

Images via Fat Shack Vintage Pinterest board. 

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