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Meet the Plumen Bulb Family

March 6, 2015

Meet the Plumen Bulb Family

The energy saving light bulbs that conquered every designer’s heart

Until five years ago, energy saving light bulbs were the black sheep among the light bulb population. Sure, they saved money, but if you wanted a stylish designer look then it was best to stay far, far away from them. In 2010, the Plumen bulb changed all of that. Its creators took a familiar, existing design and transformed it into the world’s first designer energy saving light bulb. Everyone fell head over heels for it: it won many prestigious awards and a place in some of the world’s finest contemporary museums – including the MoMA.

By now, the Plumen bulb family has expanded to include two designs of energy saving light bulbs – Plumen 001 and Plumen 002 – and recently a smaller version of the successful first design: the baby Plumen 001. We’re proud to have all of these iconic light bulbs in stock for Australia, and we’re happy to show them off in this Plumen Bulb Special!

Plumen 001

The Plumen 001 bulb is the most famous of the Plumen family, as its introduction drew a lot of attention. It was awarded the Brit Insurance Design of the Year by the Design Museum in London and the prestigious Black Pencil at the D&AD awards in 2011. It’s included in the permanent collections of famous museums such as the MoMA, Victoria & Albert Museum, Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt Collection, Art Institute of Chicago and Design Museum in Helsinki. So what is it about this energy saving light bulb that makes every designer’s heart beat faster? For one, its design was a refreshing take on the traditional bulb design. Not only did it turn the CFL technology into something stylish, it did it incredibly well. The bulb looks different from every angle and looks gorgeous hung bare, on its own. But there are many pendant light designs, including industrial cage pendant lights, which work beautifully together with the Plumen 001. The bulb is a great and affordable way to add designer edge to any room.

Plumen 002

The tremendous success of Plumen 001 encouraged its creators to continue their quest to create inspiring energy saving light bulbs. They realised that while their first design was good, it wasn’t suitable for every lighting situation. So they set out to create a less bright bulb for ambient, relaxing rooms and spaces. Thus the Plumen 002 was born. Inspired by Texan Neon artist Tony Greer’s enigmatic illuminated glass art forms and iconic British artist Barbara Hepworth’s evocative sculptures, it is perfect for places where warmer tones define a softer and cosier atmosphere.

Baby Plumen 001

Keen on improving their design even more, the latest addition to the Plumen family is a smaller version of their first light bulb. Effectively called the Baby Plumen 001, this modest light bulb has made it possible for designers to use the iconic design in smaller shades and pendant lights. Of course, it also looks great hanging uncovered on its own. The design helps it provide more subtle accent lighting than its big brother.

What do you think of the Plumen bulb family?

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