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How to create that industrial look in your summer cottage interior design

February 13, 2015

How to create that industrial look in your summer cottage interior design

Enjoying summer? There’s little better than soaking up the sun from the comfort of a summer cottage. Much to the disappointment of some, decoration in these getaway abodes is usually fairly traditional. But did you know it’s perfectly possible to weave in an industrial look in these cottage interiors? Let us show you a few examples of how stylish and homely an industrial summer cottage interior design can look!

In order for industrial style to work with summer cottage interior design, you need to blend it carefully with the traditional look. Keep the white walls and wood floors. With that as a basis, you can start adding vintage accents that complement the design. In the kitchen above, metal chairs have been painted white. The traditional green colour of the factory pendant lights fits in smoothly, too. Similarly, the bunker lights in the hallway below are fairly unobtrusive but provide a lot more character than a traditional light would have.

Taking it a step further, the image below features two bare bulbs on long light cords which play an obvious role in the interior design of this summer cottage’s bedroom. Although a clear statement, its simplicity is in line with the calm atmosphere of the cottage.

This bathroom has been given the look by adding vintage accents such as the metal grips on the wooden sliding doors and the worn drawers and bath, amongst others. The wooden handle pendant light with cage guard is a playful addition which connects well with the summer cottage interior design.

Stepping up the game even more, the bathroom below incorporates a dark window frame to go with the black pendant light and metal legs supporting the dark vanity. White tiles and walls together with the wooden floor tie the design back the traditional summer cottage interior design.

Last but not least, the living room below has gone for a combination of dark and light to really balance out the traditional, airy summer cottage interior design with a darker industrial look. The two areas are connects with elements from both styles. For example, vintage features such as the leather sofas, fireplace and the eye-catching sign above it give the darker space a warm, traditional feeling. On the other hand, the airy dining area with its white beams and dominating wooden texture are complemented by a pair of black industrial pendant lights, linking it to the adjacent area. Mixed cottage interiors such as these have lots of character and are as inviting in winter as they are in summer.

As we’ve shown, cottage interiors with an industrial look can range from a few subtle industrial lights to lots of darker industrial features. What would you include in your ideal summer cottage interior design?

Image 1 & 2 via remodelista, images 3 - 7 via homelife

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