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What’s Your Outdoor Oasis: 3 Amazing Outdoor Living Area Ideas

February 10, 2015

What’s Your Outdoor Oasis: 3 Amazing Outdoor Living Area Ideas

Enjoy outdoor living with these ideas

Do you love spending time outdoors, but do you feel like you could make more out of your outdoor space? To give you some outdoor living ideas, we have put together three types of outdoor living areas which can serve as your very own personal oasis. Would you go for a food lover’s paradise, an outdoor living room, or a party plaza? Just have a read through our outdoor area ideas and take your pick!

1. Food lover’s paradise

There’s little better than enjoying a meal outside in the open air. In order to create an environment that caters to a food lover’s needs, we’ve got a few outdoor living area ideas:

  • Naturally, you need to have a dining area. It’s most convenient to have a table on your porch or verandah closer to the kitchen, but a dining area in the back of your garden amidst all the green is also lovely. Add fabric such as pillows and a table cloth for relaxed, comfy dining.
  • Outdoor lighting that’s adjusted to the summer season is also key. It needs to be bright enough in order to see each other’s faces but should also be low-key enough to complement fading daylight and provide a cosy atmosphere. If applicable, outdoor pendant or wall lights with Edison style bulbs will give off a warm, cosy light.
  • Consider a fan for your covered outdoor dining area. Not only does it cool things down during hot weather, it also keeps most flies and mosquitoes away when you’re enjoying your meal. Make sure you buy an outdoor fan as normal ones can be negatively affected by outdoor conditions.

2. Outdoor living room

Try and view your veranda as an outdoor living room. These ideas will help you create an outdoor extension of your indoor one:

  • Place seats in such a way that they encourage conversation. Use lots of fabric and cushions so it feels like more of a permanent room.
  • Include tables to facilitate relaxation. That way, you can put your drink down when reading the newspaper or play a board game together outside for example.
  • Again, a fan can make this space a lot more agreeable on hot days.
  • Use exterior suitable pendant lights with high IP ratings, for task lighting so activities don’t have to move indoors when the light starts fading.

3. Party Plaza

Do you love to entertain? Transform your outdoor space into a party plaza for social gatherings with friends or family with these outdoor living area ideas:

  • A main area where people can come together to chat and dance is a necessity. This can be a paved area, but a grassy field is also perfect for a more casual, picnic-style event. (Just be sure to warn the ladies not to wear heels!)
  • String lights are a must. These cheery lights can be hung in a variety of ways and instantly create a festive atmosphere.
  • At every party it’s nice to have plenty of seating for people who like to sit down and chat. Create seats around the main area with side tables to put drinks and food on. If you don’t want to own that many garden chairs, consider using indoor chairs for the occasion.

These are just a few outdoor living area ideas for when you love food, relaxation or parties. What would your personal outdoor oasis look like?

Image 1 via thedesignfiles, image 3 via pinterest, image 5 via weddingchicks, image 2, 4 & 6 via FSV.

2 Responses

Fat Shack Vintage
Fat Shack Vintage

May 7, 2016

Thanks for your comments. Totally agree we don’t use our outdoor areas as much as we probably should. Great ideas in how to utilise such a space.

Henry Parkes
Henry Parkes

May 5, 2016

Outdoor spaces are often overlooked, even though they are the integral part of a home. They can be of practical use if you add an outdoor building or structure. For example, separate spaces for children’s play, a fireplace or a swimming pool, can all be a very valuable asset. Browse through some outdoor ideas:

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