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10 Industrial Chic Office Interiors

January 23, 2015

10 Industrial Chic Office Interiors

When choosing an office interior design style, companies are faced with a tough choice. The office needs to be both practical and appealing, boasting an on-trend look. Industrial offices are currently a popular choice, but some companies find them a little bit too rough around the edges. They want to maintain a sense of calm and class. For them, industrial chic office decor is the ideal solution. It has the fashionable industrial look, but also the chic feel of a more contemporary style. We’ve selected ten striking examples of industrial chic interiors to give you an idea:

Typical industrial elements such as wood and black steel have been kept within boundaries to create a chic look with clean lines. Occasional features such as the pipe work and large black pendant lights stand out a bit to prevent the whole design from becoming too rigid.

Concrete is present throughout this entire office as an unmistakable nod to the building’s industrial past. However, everything from the concrete columns to the concrete pendant lights above the bar is smoothed out to create sleek, straight lines. The retro-styled furniture also adds a great deal of vintage class to the industrial chic décor.

The concrete floor of this meeting room has been polished, giving it an industrial but refined look. The Nordic pendant lights are real eye-catchers and play a large part in making the whole office industrial chic.

The orange container in this office below (left) is a very loud industrial statement. It is balanced out by the minimalist contemporary seats below and their neutral tones.

In the office above (right), some extra space has been turned into informal reading spots, including black retro desk lamps for extra light. Scandinavian stools and a black colour scheme tone down the industrial vibe to a chic level.

Below (left), the exposed concrete ceiling with cables, vents, pipes and whatnot is counterbalanced by the contemporary white furniture and yellow artwork on the glass wall. The smooth wooden floor forms the middle ground.

The industrial chic office above (right) has also used polished wood in both the floor and desk to find a balance between robust and classy. Other features, such as the tiled walls, vintage service cart and floor lamp mark this office as decidedly industrial.

In this industrial chic office, the black lines of the pipe work in the ceiling are cleverly led down to eye-level by the black light cords featuring plumen light bulbs. Apart from using black, this workplace is also given a dash of chic with its sleek, continuing desk with integrated storage space.

Glass is another beloved material used in industrial chic interiors. In the two offices below, it is used to create open, light spaces whilst keeping out distracting noise at the same time. A black steel framework as used on the left is a traditional way of give shape to these glass walls, a stylish remnant of the industrial era. On the right, a polished concrete floor and exposed brick wall counterbalance the more contemporary look of the full-size glass walls and doors.


These ten industrial chic interiors are only a handful of the many amazing examples you can find, the one more inspiring than the other. Which industrial chic office is your favourite?

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