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5 Alternative DIY Christmas Tree Ideas

December 12, 2014

5 Alternative DIY Christmas Tree Ideas

Christmas is approaching fast, and many have already started putting up the decorations. The celebrations offer plenty of opportunity to get creative: each year countless unique Christmas cards, garden lights and tree decorations are put together to help enhance the festive cheer. But what about the iconic Christmas tree? If you’re craving to make a DIY Christmas tree, then we’re here to help. We’ve rounded up five of the best alternative Christmas tree ideas for you to try! Take a look:

5. Shelves Tree

The most neatly organised out of all of them, this alternative DIY Christmas tree requires the most precision. You’ll need to cut, sand, paint and put together various wooden plans in order to create this tree. But the result looks absolutely beautiful and allows you to stack ornaments, cards and lights in a new, refreshing way. You can stick with white or go green, black, blue... any colour you fancy!

4. Pallet Tree

Naturally, this alternative Christmas tree caught our attention right away. Pallets have that cool robust feeling to them, and using them as a DIY Christmas tree will look perfect in any industrial interior! The wooden slats allow you to hang the baubles, lights and whatnot easily in the shape of a tree. Again, you can play with colour: the pallet can be a uniform tone, but you can also choose to spray the outline or silhouette of a tree on it. The tutorial can be found on

3. (Drift)wood Tree

For this one you’ll have to go out into the forest or to the beach, collecting straight-ish branches and twigs for your alternative DIY Christmas tree. Make it a day out if you like! You can make it as big or a small as you want – something which can be quite practical when you’re short on space. Adorn as usual and you’ll have the coolest wooden DIY Christmas tree.

2. Bauble Tree

This mobile-like alternative DIY Christmas tree is made out of sparkly baubles and is an immediate eye-catcher. In this example classic green has been used, but you can adjust the colour according to your interior style and taste. We can imagine clear glass baubles look amazing as well, for example! If you have kids or mischievous animals, be sure to hang it high enough off the ground. You can find the instructions on

1.String Lights Tree

Our number one alternative DIY Christmas tree is also one of the simplest! String your usual Christmas lights or outdoor festoon lights in a Christmas tree shape on the wall using blu-tac or pins. You make it as simple or intricate as you like, incorporating cards, small baubles, stars and ornaments. If you plan on hanging quite a lot on the lights, using festoon lights might be a better idea as the string is usually thicker and therefore stronger. That said, this DIY Christmas tree is easy as pie!

Are you planning on making a DIY Christmas tree for Christmas this year? Let us hear about your own alternative Christmas tree ideas in the comments!

Image 1 via homely TW, image 2 via Redhead can decorate, image 3 via its overflowing, image 4 via Not Martha, image 5 via Martha Stewart.

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