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Urban Industrial Design: How To Achieve The Look

October 17, 2014

Urban Industrial Design: How To Achieve The Look

Industrial interior design has found its way into many homes over the last decade, not in the least in the cities. This has lead to urban industrial design, a form that is both functional and stylish. Urban industrial decor tends a bit towards modern city chic, but still has that authentic vintage feel we love so much about industrial design. Do you want to achieve this look in your home? Then read on for some tips and ideas!

1. Commendable Contrast

In order to bring the modern city feel into industrial interior design, urban industrial design often incorporates smooth surfaces and sleek lines to contrast with the coarseness of industrial materials. Here, the reflective bathtub works marvellously with its brick and wooden surroundings. The round glass pendant ball connects vintage feel with modern form.

2. Practical Space

In city homes, space can be valuable. Urban industrial design involves clever storage solutions that showcases unique items at the same time. Above, vintage industrial wooden boxes have been arranged into a stylish but edgy storage unit, blending well with the stainless steel counter top. An industrial pendant with cage guard provides the contrast, together with the sink.

3. Allow for exposure

Exposed bricks, pipes and light cords are a trademark of industrial design. In urban industrial design, this usually isn’t utilised to the max as people also want a more polished, city chic look as well. The trick is to leave one or two elements exposed as a counterbalance. Then the rest can have a smoother, more finished look. In the kitchen above, the tied up light cords give just enough ‘untidiness’ to make the rest of the kitchen stand out more.

4. Lots of Light

City people are always busy, and that’s reflected in urban industrial home design. Especially in winter, there should always be enough light to work, eat and be entertained. This translates into large windows and sky lights, and where that’s not possible: lights. Many lights. A good lighting design plan makes sure every area of the house is properly lit, so you can do whatever you like, whenever you like. Above, a sky light provides extra light from above during the day, whereas during the night, the two large bay pendant lights provide ample light.

Got any tips of your own? Help other people and let them know below in the comments. And if you can’t get enough of urban industrial design, then feel free to have a browse through our extensive collection of industrial lighting. There is plenty to choose from and be inspired by!

For more urban industrial design inspiration? Check out our range of pendant lighting for more! 

Images 1,2,4 via houzz, image 3 via Pinterest

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