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Vintage Light Box Signs: Cool Nostalgia

July 31, 2014

Vintage Light Box Signs: Cool Nostalgia

Maybe you’ve spotted some in cafés and restaurants: vintage style light boxes signs are becoming increasingly popular in hospitality and retail businesses. They have a nostalgic feeling to them, which means they don’t just look really cool – they make a place inviting as well. Much to our delight, many businesses use our Australian handmade wooden light boxes to jazz up their interior. But even better: you can use them at home, too! Put a light box sign on your window ledge, shelf or side table and it’s sure to be a talking point. Need some inspiration? Here are some examples from Pinterest and our own handmade light boxes collection. Enjoy!


Put light box signs in unexpected places for interesting mood lighting!



Put a small BAR light box sign on a side table as a subtle accessory. Serves as decoration & mood lighting at the same time!



Simple and striking, hanging a vintage light box sign in your bar, café or restaurant sends a clear message to your customers and looks undeniably awesome!



Place a CAFE vintage light box sign on a side table or window sill for a blue light accent. Great for connecting with a style or theme!


Add life to your dresser, table or side table with this HOTEL NO VACANCY set of light box signs. Set them up straight or let them lean against each other for a playful effect.


This  NO VACANCY light box sign set creates an intimate pool of light at home, but is also a focal decor piece. Use it to light up dull corners in a residential setting or to catch people’s eye in a commercial setting.


So whether you want to jazz up your business or home, vintage style light box signs are a captivating way to add some industrial style to your interior. Which one would you get for your place?


(image 1 vy michaeldrummond, image 2 via by trendhunter via pinterest, image 4 by bec goulding via pinterest, image 3,5 & 6 by Fat Shack Vintage)

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