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Wall Call: The Benefits of Using Sconce and Wall Lights

April 1, 2016

Wall Call: The Benefits of Using Sconce and Wall Lights

The concept of wall lighting probably came from the most basic form of illuminating the room: back to the time when people used to hang gas-powered lamps by the wall to brighten dark spaces. Thanks to man's genius and creativity, modern-day wall lights are transformed into highly versatile, decorative objects that can easily lift up a room's cosmetic appearance. If you're wondering how this lighting can actually help you give an old space a new look, read on.

Where to place it:

There are many ways to make use of a wall light, but we're listing five of the best areas to utilize this literally brilliant decor. Keep in mind that there’s no actual right or wrong answer in using wall sconces or a wall light, but these methods, however, have been used by many interior decorators and are proven to enrich a space’s charm.

  • Hallways. Is your flush mount light not doing the trick for you? Looking for an ambient lighting object to brighten up your office's hallways? This is when wall sconces or wall lights come to the rescue. Place each wall light within a six-feet distance between each other, and you can benefit from a relaxing, tempered setting as you walk through the hallway.

  • Entryways. Light up your dark entryways with a pair of wall lights by the door. Adding this creates a rather welcoming ambiance to every dweller or guest, as well as a pleasing element that adds to your home's decorative appeal.

  • Large rooms. Wall lights and wall sconces work nicely as secondary illuminations in a large area. Your living room or conference space may already have a fashionable chandelier or a linear lighting as a centrepiece, but you'll be surprised to see how smaller details, like a painting or a contemporary shelf, shine with under a wall sconce light.

  • Outdoors. For properties with gardens and pools, wall lights and sconces are the way to go. Strategically scatter these wall lighting objects over the poolside wall, or through the fence, cosying the spot for warm, family gathering. Garages, gates and parking lots are safer with these illuminations installed, adding a layer of protection over properties.

  • Showrooms. Specialty wall lights, such as spotlights and up/down wall lights, offer a chic, subtle method of highlighting beloved focal items. This is applicable to a piece of art, a deluxe car or an antique object, all of which desires the guests’ attention.


We love this a up down, boxed wall light that instantly cheers a blank, white corner.We love this: a up/down, boxed wall light that instantly cheers a blank, white corner. 


Country charm this gooseneck retro wall light offers a delightfully vintage appeal.Country charm: this gooseneck wall light offers a delightfully vintage appeal. 


Twinning a pair of black wall industrial lights brightens up childhood memories in this lovely cornerTwinning: a pair of black double arm wall sconces brightens up childhood memories in this lovely corner. 


Rustic and industrial the black bell lamps add a tinge of steam-punk charm in this nostalgic kitchen
Rustic and industrial: the Brasserie two arm swing wall lamp add a tinge of steam-punk charm in this nostalgic kitchen. 


Serene stairs a pair of caged wall lamps light the way in this chic, modern wooden stairway
Serene stairs: a pair of caged wall lights light the way in this chic, modern wooden stairway.


Tips on maximizing your wall lights:

Choose low-voltage, high-efficiency lights. Because it is commonly used as a secondary lighting object, your wall light does not require brightness equivalent to task lighting. Instead, search for highly efficient ambient wall light with a yellow amber glow. This creates a familiar, comfortable setting that allows people to easily relax in the particular room.

Symmetry is key. Most wall light installations go in pairs, and some, even more. When putting these together, make sure that the distance between each light is perfectly exact—a bit of difference in the placement can make the error much noticeable. 

Go classy with a classic. Make sure your investment goes a long way; purchase decorative yet functional wall lights that can be mixed and matched with your room’s different moods. What we recommend: an edgy, black up-down wall light that can suit all themes and colours, a retro swing arm wall light for both the sophisticated or masculine foyers, or a series of caged bunker lights to brighten up your outdoor spaces.


Got any questions about wall lights? Hit us a note and we’ll try to answer your inquiries!

 Images via FSV and our Pinterest boards.

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