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NUD Lighting: Give Your Interior a NUDge

April 10, 2014

NUD Lighting: Give Your Interior a NUDge

It’s the details that separate great from good design, according to architect and designer Mies van der Rohe who inspired the popular NUD lighting. “Where plain becomes beautiful” is their tagline, and this is definitely something that can be applied to your own interior. The more simple the elements you use to make a statement, the stronger the look of your room comes across. So how do you do that? Have a look at these inspiring projects with NUD lights and you’ll see; all you need is a little NUDge!

First, a few personal (and worldwide) favourites. The NUD Concrete Base Pendant Light Cord is guaranteed to give your home or business a stylish but robust, industrial vibe. And all that with just a concrete base and exposed bulb.

Next, the NUD Jeans Cord. Nothing feels as timeless and vintage as the touch of denim jeans. Having light cords in denim material is a really nice twist to your interior and livens up any space immediately. 

You also need to know when to tone it down though. Using a classic pendant can add a sense of calm and class to your interior design, and can be used in combination with other black lighting such as the cage pendant above.

Do your thing for the environment and create cool lighting effects at the same time with NUD Universe LED Light. The bubbles in these bulbs create a fascinating display whenever you turn on the light. Cool for kids bedrooms and lounge areas alike. 

Similar to NUD Universe, this NUD Crystal Bulb also creates a stunning light reflection. It’s definitely something different than your average light. Imagine using this one as accent or mood lighting. It’s an original and beautiful surprise

Another favourite, 'NUD Acqua' Copper Pipe Pendant Cord, you can create a really stylish look with one simple pendant or a few grouped together. In the image above they do a fabulous job making the staircase more interesting and creating a cool view for people passing by.

Perhaps the strongest and most subtle impact NUD lighting can have is with their creative light cords. We’ve already shown the NUD jeans cord above. This NUD zebra skin NUD Zig Zag Cord is is also hugely popular because of the subtle edge it gives to pendants. Use these NUD 'Zebra Skin' against a white background and you’ll be surprised how good they look.

New in our collection, we really like these quirky NUD Table Lamps. In combination with the NUD cord you can create a lively look on your desk or side table that matches your existing stuff.

Last but not least, from the 'NUD Exclusive' range is this NUD Terracotta Pendant Light Cord which adds a more earthy colour to your interior, if that’s your cup of tea. Industrial, natural and rustic interiors are all given a pinch of Mediterranean calm with this terracotta base.

These are our suggestions for using NUD lighting to give your interior a NUDge in the right direction! Whenever you’re in need of one, we deliver NUD lighting Australia-wide through our online store.  

Which NUD lighting do you like best?

(Image 1,3, 7 and 8 by NUD, image 2 by onekindesign, image 4, 5, 6, 9 and by Fat Shack Vintage)

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