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Perfect Bedroom Pendant Lights

April 6, 2014

Perfect Bedroom Pendant Lights

There’s a secret trick when it comes to bedrooms. A trick that allows you to transform the look of a whole area without tearing off the wallpaper and turning everything upside down. That trick is bedroom pendant lights.

We already featured quite a few in our blog about beautiful bedside lamps, but really, bedroom pendant lights can change the mood from anywhere in the room. If chosen carefully and placed correctly, it adds just the right amount of weight and character to put a bedroom in a whole new light. On top of that, they are also really practical because of all the space they free up. Sound like your thing? Here are a few bedroom lighting ideas with pendants to get you started.

This urban bedroom already has a lot of strong pieces that demand the viewer’s attention, most notably the bed. In order not to overdo it, a lot of space is needed. The bedroom pendant lights do just that, all the while making sure the brick wall doesn’t get too monotonous. Imagine this room with bedside lamps instead of pendants. The wall would be too boring and the bed area would feel too packed. Now, there’s just the right amount of balance between empty space and eye-catching objects.

This bedroom is all about adding quirky touches to an overall neutral, white look. Choosing a black pendant light ensures that this bedroom lighting creates contrast and an extra layer to the design. A designer light bulb finishes the look.

This bedside cage pendant light is hung at practical shoulder-height and is as functional as a normal beside table lamp. However, it works together with the table to create a vertical feeling and feels much lighter than a regular table lamp would. Along with freeing up space, it adds an unmistakeable vibe to the bed area.

This loft bedroom area is already dominated by the roof’s shape. However, pendant lights have been used very cleverly to prevent a too overpowering blank space. Note that it’s not just the industrial pole mount light at the top, but also the two schoolhouse pendant lights extending into the room below that create vertical lines.  This subtle addition adds another layer of depth to the area.


Here’s a final great example of how pendant bedroom lighting can add the right amount of weight and character to a space. This mason jar pendant light along with its coloured cord adds a lovely touch of light blue to the area. It’s just the right size: big enough to be a colourful statement but small enough to blend in with the bed and table. It’s things like this that really add personality to your bedroom.

Have you gotten a few ideas for your bedroom lighting? If yes, great! We’d love to see a picture of how you did up your bedroom with pendant lights, so feel free to post it on our Facebook page or in the comments below. 

Need some more inspiration? No worries. A browse through our pendant lighting section is guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing!

(image 1 by ezpong, image 2 by, topicsusa, image 3 by cushandnooks, image 4 by brownpaperforbessie, image 5 by 1kindesign, image 6 by abeachcottage)

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