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Modern Kitchens with Industrial Design Lighting

March 23, 2014

Modern Kitchens with Industrial Design Lighting

Modern kitchens are well known for their clean and sleek look. By definition a “simplification of form and an absence of applied decoration”, these kitchens can sometimes come across as a bit impersonal and cold. However, nothing could be further from the truth when they are combined with other styles.

A particularly good union is something we’d like to label modern industrial design. It has a good basis of modern, sleek kitchen counter tops and appliances. But it is extended with industrial seating, accessories and - most importantly - industrial lighting. In these modern kitchens, lighting adds character. The rougher, industrial edge of the lights provides a bit of contrast to the general smooth look. It is a perfect fusion that brings balance and personality to the overall design.

Here are some striking examples of modern industrial design kitchens to show you what we mean:


In this kitchen, the overall black-and-white design is very modern with appliances, cupboards and seating all deprived of much decoration. The industrial pendant lights function as a perfect transition between the polished, even surfaces below and the corrugated ceiling above.


Compared to the previous image, in this kitchen the roles have been reversed. The overall design of the space is industrial, whereas the kitchen has a modern design. Industrial lighting is at the heart of this kitchen. However, again it provides a link with the modern appliances and lower cupboards. Not just the colour, but also the smooth black shades of these industrial pendants connect the two styles. Very subtly, it brings a bit of peace to the general robustness of the room.


This kitchen is connected directly to other spaces in the house, emphasizing the need for a smooth change of style. On the right, white and modern. On the left, earthy and industrial. And look what’s in the middle of this shift: that’s right, industrial lighting. White warehouse pendant lights have been chosen, but wooden, orange or brown pendants would've gone very well, too.


This is a really good example of a modern kitchen where the lighting provides extra character. The shiny countertops and clean white of the cupboards look really neat. But the big industrial pendant lights with cage guards give it personality, along with small touches such as the storage jars and wire racks filled with more colourful items.

Do you like the combination of modern and industrial? Let us know in the comments below!

(All images via Houzz)

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