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Things You Should Know About Flush Mount Lights

March 4, 2016

Things You Should Know About Flush Mount Lights

If you're looking for a ceiling light fixture for areas where a pendant light may not be suitable, then flush mount lights (also know as batten lights or close to ceiling lights) are perfect for you. These long-loved illuminations offer ambient lighting that covers a greater area, mainly because they are installed in ceilings, preferably, low in height. Not only do these lights offer focused brightness, but with the right design, it can also spice up the visual aesthetics of the room.


1) Choosing your flush mount light:

Did you know that there are two kind of flush mount lights The flush fixtures are the ones directly placed into the ceiling, without any aperture in between.

Did you know that there are two kind of flush mount lights? The flush fixtures are the ones directly placed into the ceiling, without any aperture in between. Lower ceilings can benefit from a flush mount or batten light fixture to avoid interfering with the occupant’s thoroughfare where pendant lights get in the way. A semi-flush fixture is attached with an extension that creates a gap between the ceiling and the lighting object. This is perfect for higher ceilings. With the light radiating from top to bottom, rooms can benefit of having an illusion of a bigger space.


2) Consider your ceiling height:

your flush mount lights needs to harmonizes with your interior's decor, in this case vintage cottage

Choosing a flush mount or a semi-flush mount light depends on the height of your ceiling, as well as the people in your home. Flush mount lights are perfect for spaces with a ceiling height of about 8 ft. Semi-flush mount lights are better options for higher ceilings, within the range of 10 feet. Make sure that these lights will not limit the movement of your family, especially taller individuals.


3) What's your style flavour:

flush mounts are a great altetnativre to ceiling lights where space is limited_such as a hallway

Just like you, your home exudes a unique style, and you want your flush mount lights to highlight it. In buying a lighting fixture, make sure it harmonizes with your interior's decor. If you're confused, start with the basics: colours, shape and materials.


4) Know where to place it:

Flush mount lights differ in sizes--schoolhouse shades make great flush mount lights for kitchen lighting

Flush mount lights differ in sizes--from little sconce to a lengthy mount. Each have its own illuminating features for specific spaces, which is why it is important for you to know the dimensions of the area where you want to install it. For bigger rooms such as a kitchen, choose broader flush mount fixtures such as those with shades. Smaller areas may only require bunker or spotlight mounts.


5) Select the right bulb:

5-Light-Lamp-Holder-Batten-Light-with-edison filament-bulbs

The efficacy of your flush mount lights depends on the type of bulbs that go with it. At best, choose energy saving LED's. Make sure to ask which one is best suited for your fixture. Edison style filament bulbs are great for creating a cosy atmosphere in rooms such as the dinning room or living room and will add vibrancy and warmth to any setting. Spaces that requires task lighting will benefit from white-coloured bulbs. When in doubt, get some help with the installation.

Flush mount lights are lovely additions to your interior, both in form and function. Finding the right design can help you incorporate elegant illumination to any space.

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Images via FSV and our "Lights for low ceilings"  Pinterest board.

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