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Which Kitchen Lighting Trends Suit You?

February 2, 2014

Which Kitchen Lighting Trends Suit You?

If you’re looking for some inspiration for new kitchen lights, there are several kitchen lighting trends at the moment which can set you on the right track. Is there one that feels right for you? We’ll let you be the judge when we show you a few of these popular kitchen lighting ideas.  

Big lights. 

Big lights, big impressions. Big pendant lights in your kitchen work especially well in a minimalistic kitchen design, but there is definitely also room for them in other styles. In the image above, this impressive black pendant lights works really well with the white gloss cabinets and walls. It’s also a great example of how modern white and natural materials (wood & stone) can work together.

Lights & cabinets.

Light fixtures installed inside, below or above cupboards and cabinets are a great way to let subtle light enhance design features, provide task lighting and showcase specific items. In the image above, the lights placed within the cabinets beautifully complement the straight lines of this modern kitchen design. On top of that, light underneath the cabinets provide task lighting for washing up, reading cook books, chopping and mixing. When using kitchen lights this way, cabinets and cupboards become much more than just storage spaces.


Glamour is definitely still the name of the game, with chandeliers of all kinds jazzing up modern and traditional kitchens alike. A chandelier is a definite statement and will be a real centrepiece in your kitchen. Elegant metallic and glass chandeliers are the perfect additional to any vintage or classic kitchen, like above. But you can also put a chandelier into a modern kitchen, adding some real class and variation to a sleek and clean look. 

Kitchen lights as art.

Be bold and let the main light of your kitchen area be an artwork. Whether you have a minimalistic modern kitchen or a more classic, warm kitchen, choosing an interesting light will provide your kitchen with a beautiful display that can really improve the overall feel of the kitchen’s design. So go on, be daring.

We think these are some kitchen rules to use when choosing a kitchen lighting trend for your kitchen. What is your judgement? Let us know in the comments!

(Image 1 by remodelistic, image 2, 3 by onekindesign, image 4 by housetohome, image 5 by houseandgarden)

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