5 Beach Interior Inspirations You Can Use In Your Own Home February 13 2016, 0 Comments

There's something magical about beachfront properties that tickles our fancy—the sound of the waves, the sight of the clear, blue sky, the magnificent frolic of birds overhead, the sensation of the sand. It makes you want to linger and appreciate the stillness of nature as you bask under the cheery, morning sun. We get it; living by the beach is part of one's best dreams, and some get to make it come true.

Lucky for those who live by the coast; they get to have a real, seaside setting to bask into. However, if you're miles away from the waters, there's no reason why you shouldn't enjoy an escape! By reimagining your homes with beach interiors, you too can dwell in a lovely, vacation villa that reminds you of your best moments by the shore!

Take a look at some of the best beach interior inspirations you can use for your next home renovation project:


In your bathroom

a fresh, nautical turn in your bathroom with these wall lights, very beach interior inspiration

Take a fresh, nautical turn in your private dresser with this beach interior inspiration. The white-and-navy brings out a very masculine atmosphere (husbands will love this!). However, splashes of red will make this setting perfect for the females too. Add seaside-inspired decors, such as shells and conches, for a more intricate touch. To highlight an extra, old-world, navy feel, install sconce lights by the wall. The lovely glow from these vintage industrial lighting will bring you back to the days of pirates and explorers, wherever your heart may take you. Fat Shack Vintage has a black alternative to this gold-coloured lighting, fitting for any modern adventurer’s bath.        


In your library

Shelves are efficiently lined, block by block, by the wall, which is illuminated by a row of cone-designed wall lights in white shade.

Lounge about your favourite corner with a serene, beach-side inspired interiors. The white-on-white creates a beautiful canvass for everything, especially earthy, neutral colours! Enjoy your quiet moments while reading your favourite book, with a wonderful view of the outdoors just by your patio. Shelves are efficiently lined, block by block, by the wall, which is illuminated by a row of cone-designed wall lights in white shade. However, the black version suits this interior perfectly as well, especially if you dare to go with another colour for your theme! 


In your kitchen

This lovely beach house kitchen space is decked with wood floorboards and ceilings, creating a rustic, cosy atmosphere.

How about a coastal crafted kitchen? This lovely space is decked with wood floorboards and ceilings, creating a rustic, cosy atmosphere that sets the mood for lovely dining moments with your family. The sand-on-white colour matches perfectly with the beach interior theme, topped with pewter and marble accents. There's a row of chairs by the bar for a quick access, but over there is a table for an intimate family round-up! Industrial lighting enhances the modernity of the space; in this edition, the designers used a decorative lighting similar to our black loft ceiling pendant light.


In your living room

Beach inspired living room - like how they are keeping this space breezy with a ceiling fan

Gather round with your favourite people in this comfy, breezy den. The white, wood and brick creates a simple yet sophisticated beach interior setting, perfect for the contemporary homeowners. Lined up by the fireplace are shelves showcasing your best pictures, books and travel memorabilia. Keep this space breezy with a ceiling fan for warmer days. As for your lighting, add a minimalist floor lamp to illuminate your most loved areas.


In your dining room 

Nothing speaks beach interior more than wicker and rattan combination

Beach-side, you say? Nothing speaks "beach interior" more than wicker and rattan combination! Install wicker industrial lighting on your ceiling and make use of all-natural wooden furniture for your dining space. Scatter vases of plants and succulents and, voila! A perfectly beach inspired area to enjoy fresh, home-cooked meals!


Enjoyed our beach interior edition? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below, and stay tuned for more of our exciting home design tips and tricks!

Images via FSV and our Pinterest boards