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5 Ways To Prettify Your Outdoor Area

January 31, 2016

5 Ways To Prettify Your Outdoor Area

If you think that patios, gardens, decks, yards and driveways serve only as cosmetic factors in your property, think again. These outdoor areas are perfect for leisurely lounges as well as intimate bonding sessions with the family. For one, dining outdoors brings out a lovely, charming experience; breaking away from your usual atmosphere of making and taking meals. Have BBQ grills installed and allow beautiful tables to parade through your lush greenery. The scene is inviting and the sun is going down; your favourite people are coming. But before that happens, adorn your open air areas with the right outdoor lights and decor, enough to create an impressive atmosphere that everyone will enjoy.


Go Bohemian

a visually charming, laidback escape with a Bohemian flair. Loving the use of festoon string lights too

Even with a small space, you can create a visually charming, laidback escape with a Bohemian flair. Set-up a hammock for those easy-breezy days, and put together irregular furniture for your family to go around whenever the weather is bright and benevolent. A few potted plants will definitely add a dash of nature into the setting, but if you're surrounded with a plethora of greens--much better! And to spice up that chic, Boho style, set up some festoon string lights overhead. You can choose to create one line, or more, to make a starry effect against the evening sky. Easily do this with a set of beautiful light bulbs and a long cord. This atmosphere is perfect for a small gathering of friends and family. When seats run low, pull some chairs from inside!


Go Greek
a rustic getaway, right in the countryside finished off with a large rattan wicker light

Experience a rustic getaway, right in your countryside home with this setting. Don't be shy to showcase those old walls; they create a very pastoral charm that brings character to your home! Throw in some comfy furniture and accentuate it with splashes of colourful cushions. Add some tables at the centre and by the corners. Make sure, however, that you have enough shade to keep you from the sun's heat! And as a magnificent touch, how about a glorious, rattan industrial lighting to keep the place aglow during the night?


Go Basic

a quaint outdoor space with a large outdoor wall light

For the less-fussy and the simple, you can create a quaint outdoor area by choosing the right colours and furniture to go with it. In this case, white goes perfectly against white, radiantly adding earthen tones of orange and brown to liven up the scene. It's a lovely external backdrop where families can lounge by the nearby trees and adore the sweet company of nature during past times. Keeping it close to your property, you can easily attach outdoor lights by the wall to create that much-needed illumination.


Go Warm

Make use of outdoor up-down lights to spark up a lovely setting

Make use of outdoor up-down lights to spark up a lovely, amber-coloured setting into your empty outdoor area. Place it around planters to strategically highlight the best of your gardens. As for furniture, choice wooden benches and long tables; the whole place will look like an outdoor picnic, perfect for family parties! The lighting featured here is similar to the double copper pipe wall light, an industrial lighting object that beams light on both ends.


Go Resort

love the look of creating a soft, ambient lighting with a series of wall-mounted lights.

Make your outdoor area an opulently luxurious area by the pool side. It’s one great way to enjoy BBQ's and feasts while taking a dip into your very own. At night, stun your guests by creating a soft, ambient lighting with a series of wall-mounted lights. Choose the best height for a downward direction, so you can utilize the wonderful glow that illuminates the side. At best, add some on the floors too! A final tip: when picking the right lighting, always look at its weather resistant factors for longevity.            


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Images via FSV and our “Outdoor Lights in Outdoor Spaces” Pinterest board.

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