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Industrial Restaurant, Bar & Café Lighting

November 25, 2013

Industrial Restaurant, Bar & Café Lighting

Dining establishments are often at the forefront of interior lighting design. So when the vintage industrial look became all the rage, it's no surprise these hip places were the first to find trendy lighting designs to go with it. Like we mentioned in our post on industrial vintage furniture, industrial style adds real character to a place, and that's very important for restaurants. After all, lighting can shape a diner’s experience almost as much as the food. Over time, restaurant owners have come up with a whole bunch of creative ideas to let industrial lighting design give a space the right atmosphere. So whether you're starting up a business yourself or looking for new ideas for lighting at home, here are some inspiring examples of industrial restaurant, bar and café lighting that will get you going. 


Let's start off with some industrial restaurant lighting that really fits in anywhere. Old warehouse pendant lights are big, robust, and stylish! Once providing the light for hard-working men producing and distributing tools for the nation, now they light the way for hip, trendy diners. Hung high up from ladders like above, they provide good overall light for large spaces. Or hung low down over a specific area, like in the below image as bar lighting, they do a perfect job as task lights. This can give specific areas a more cosy, intimate feeling.


Another favourite in industrial restaurant lighting, which you can also spot on the left in the image above, are bunker cage lights. Hanging down from the ceiling, attached to the wall or protruding from it, they are perhaps the pinnacle of industrial lighting: as functional and robust as can be. The metal cage that once protected the glass from breaking now adds a rough edge to a wonderfully uncomplicated light design. Likewise, the basic cords that lead up to the lamps can be transformed into an interesting pattern on the ceiling or wall by using different lengths and lines, as done in the industrial restaurant and café lighting shown below.



Finally, there's one last go-to design element for restaurant, bar and café lighting: the Edison style filament light bulb. These old-fashioned bulbs can build an ambience at a relatively low cost with their casual air and a wink at history. These vintage lights are best used as accents, creating warm light to make lunch or dinner even more enjoyable. Therefore, you'll often find them over seating areas. To make sure they provide enough light, they are often placed together as a group or cluster. But the best thing is, these bulbs are so pretty, they don't need a lamp shade. Sure enough, they look great in the pendant or cage lights. But really, they don't need much. Hang them in a row and use different bulbs shapes like shown above, and you'll create a unique display customers are sure to appreciate. Or let the light cords loosely hang down for an effect that's both casual and gracious. 


Need even more ideas? Have a browse through our lighting or  light bulbs section for more inspiration!


(Image 1 via mima, Image 3 via yellowtrace, Image 4 via b3designers, Image 2 &5 via ilikeink)

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