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Startup Office Design Ideas for a Flying Start

September 4, 2015

Startup Office Design Ideas for a Flying Start

Starting a new business is exciting. You’ve got a great team, a successful product or service and clients interested in working with you. Now you want to envision a startup office design that reflects your business and helps your team grow to new heights. There are the awesome examples of Google offices of course – but how do you translate all of that into fitting startup office ideas for your own space? To help you out, we have gathered a list of startup office design ideas to keep in mind when compiling an office space design. Have a read through!

1. Think about your style.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but your company’s character should be a major influence on the design decisions you make. Consider your goal, your work process, and your mission, and think about how this translates into colour, theme and interior style.

Example: An enthusiastic and creative go-getter team would feel at home in an interior that’s practical and allows them to work, but also has creative elements to it, such as a straightforward vintage industrial interior that re-uses basic, robust materials in a new and creative way.

2. Make sure everyone’s comfortable.

Many startups spend quite a few hours in their office building up their business. Because of this it is important to create a startup office design that feels just like home – comfortable. Select the right pieces of furniture, allow employees to bring odds ‘n ends from home and let them choose where to work.

Example: Create a cozy lounge area with a comfy arm chair and reading light where people can have a coffee break and check their phone or read a magazine. Nothing helps you focus like a small break to let your brain unwind.

3. Let employees decide.

In a startup, employees often work closely together to come up with new ideas and improve current ones. They are the ones making your business grow, so let them have a say! They can have the best startup office design ideas that you would have never thought of. On top of that, research suggests giving employees input into the design of their workspace can improve productivity by up to 32 percent!

Example: In the work area, create a spotlight gallery wall with images, chosen by employees, that inspire them. It can be anything from family to fantastic travel locations. This way, when everyone is at work they are greeted by inspiring images every day.


4. Create informal spaces to meet.

As working together to discuss ideas is vital to many startups, it makes sense to promote collaboration. Especially when your team is small, informal meeting spaces where employees can gather is a great way to do this. Have a look at your office layout design and think about where you could incorporate a spontaneous meeting place.

Example: A stand-up table in the kitchen area is a good meeting place when getting a cup of coffee or checking the newspaper.

5. Create isolated areas to work.

Apart from places where you can collaborate, it’s equally important that there are workspaces where employees can concentrate. It depends on your team and office space what your possibilities are, but it can be as simple as surrounding (parts of) the desks with noise-cancelling dividers. Being able to choose between collaborative and calm workspaces will certainly be beneficial to your employee’s productivity.

Example: Designate one or two private offices as ‘flexible’ workspaces that can be booked by employees that need to work on specific tasks that require more concentration.

These five startup office design ideas should have given you plenty to think about. If you need even more inspiration, feel free to browse our online store or have a look at some of our other blogs. Do you have any startup office ideas of your own that you would like to share? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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Image 1 via lincolnbarbour, image 2 via FSV, image 3 via Dry Things, image 4 via stylejuicer, image 5 via apartmenttherapy.

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