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Hurry Up To 25% Off Selected Lighting Sale Ends Mon 17/6!
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Pendant Lights

Pendant Lights

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights can transform the look of any room in your home or business. They are a popular lighting option found across many residential and commercial settings in Australia and around the world.

These lights are a great way to make an eye-catching statement in a wide range of settings and offer ample room to personalise. Not only do they come in a multitude of styles, materials and sizes they can be incorporated as a single fixture, a series or even a cluster. To learn more about Pendant Lights have a read of our informative Pendant Light Buying Guide.

This type of light is popular in traditional, modern and contemporary interiors. They are commonly found hanging above a kitchen island bench, adorning a living or dining room, lined down a hallway, or suspended above a stairwell or bedside table in the bedroom. Commercially, pendant lights are used as cafe, restaurant, bar, hotel and retail shop lighting, to name a few.

Pendant lights are not just for indoor use and are commonly found in outdoor settings. They can be hung from a fully covered roof, verandah, porch or patio and are great for illuminating tables, benches and seating areas.

Our range of pendant lights can suit a diverse range of interiors, whether you have a coastal beach inspired holiday home, a modern rustic designed kitchen or a vintage styled living room. Shop from opal glass Pendant Lights to classic black Pendant lights reminiscent of 1940s industrial era factory lighting. No matter what your design, colour or style, big or small we'll have a pendant light to suit your every need.

Pendant lights can be used with or without a shade; displaying your vintage style globe of choice on a cord or creating a striking statement piece with a shade. Our pendant lights and shades come in a range of styles, colours and shapes; from glass, brass, wooden, porcelain enamel, timber, steel, copper to name a few.

With extendable or adjustable pendant cords and varied shade sizes, pendant lights can also be used as task lighting in smaller spaces like the bedroom, office or study. When hung singularly, they can cast directional light onto a table, reading area or feature wall. To achieve greater illumination, and an impressive statement, they can be hung as a cluster or multiples in a line.

Looking to buy Pendant Lights? We stock a wide range of in a variety of different styles and deliver Australia wide.

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