Cone Shaped Lights

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 Cone shaped lights are a great way to add directional lighting along with a touch of personality to your living spaces. The cone shade is a simple yet iconic lighting style that has transitioned across a wide range of lighting categories. Be it a wall cone light or flush mount that you are after, designs are offered in a selection of materials, finishes and sizes to produce varying outcomes in a space. A pendant with a glass cone light shade, for instance, will greatly differ from a metal cone pendant light in terms of aesthetics and function. Similarly, a single cone pendant light with a contemporary finish makes a subtle accent while a 3 light cone pendant finished in brass creates a stunning lighting statement. 

This versatility of cone shades as a design element allows its addition to existing fittings, offering an effortless way to update your home. It also means you can have continuity in your living spaces with the design maintained across ceiling lights, table lamps, pendant lights and wall lights. This theme can extend to outdoor spaces such as patios as well with weather resistant fixtures. A series of cone wall lights for a porch, for instance, will not only bring functionality but kerb appeal as well. Our collection of cone shaped lights covers every décor style whether you want to complement your modern farmhouse theme or introduce a sleek Scandi style accent.