Wall Lights

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Wall lights are versatile options that can be used indoors and outdoors, adding character to a space whilst being incredibly functional. These lights come in a variety designs and styles ranging from plug in wall lights, flush mounted lights against a wall to numerous styles wall arms, sconce shapes and shades in a variety of combinations.

As a popular lighting choice since the days of candle wall sconces in the 17th century, wall lights have changed the way we design rooms. Throughout your interior décor and spaces, wall lights can be practical yet decorative at the same time. Adding a row of wall lights down a hallway can illuminate a pathway to various rooms throughout a home or business. The possibilities of versatility and functionality are limitless; use in rooms with lower ceilings like as apartment bedroom lighting, or as moveable wall lights swing arms on each side of a mirror for bathroom lighting or as accent lighting above a menu board or artwork.

For external use, wall lights with the right IP rating can be used outdoor areas for a multitude of functions. Welcome guests to your home or business with a vintage style wall light by your front door or porch. Highlight a patio feature wall in your entertainment area or illuminate both sides of your garage and driveway with up down wall lights. A qualified electrician will be able to assess whether your outdoor wall light of choice is right for your desired area.

Our collection of vintage and industrial styled wall lights will fit in both traditional and modern decors and designs. From the easy to use plug in wall lights to an exterior minimalist pillar lights, there is something to suit every need. Use wall lights in combination with other similar light fittings and style to achieve continuity throughout your space.