Steps For Decorating Small Rooms - Make The Most Of Your Space

November 03, 2017

Steps For Decorating Small Rooms - Make The Most Of Your Space

Space. Too much or too little can make decorating a room seem like an impossible task. If you aren't blessed with a large room your options may be limited, but you can still create a stylish space that won't feel over-crowded

Nothing makes a space feel smaller than clutter. This includes furniture as well as personal items. Rather than doubling up on furniture and storage, you should be using furniture that has built in storage or can be used in different ways. Coffee tables with shelving or footstools with hidden storage are great for storing blankets and magazines in living rooms. For bedrooms, choose beds with space underneath and tables that can double as a desk or dressing table. Also try and minimise the amount of items you choose to display. 

 Coffee table


Under Bed Storage

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You should also choose furniture that keeps the space feeling large. This doesn't necessarily mean choosing small furniture but rather furniture that appears light weight. This can mean choosing lighter colours or materials or choosing slender legs on furniture which is raised off the ground. Scandinavian styling works best for small spaces as it incorporates pale timber, glass and slim furniture pieces. 

 Scandi Dining Table Set 

Lighting will make an impact on the size of your room as well. If you choose the wrong sized light you are at risk of overcrowding the room or not providing enough illumination. For rooms with low ceilings, space is the biggest issue however by choosing a flush mount light you can keep the space uncluttered which in turn will make the room feel bigger. A flush mount light sits close to or on the ceiling or wall with no visible cords. They come in many different designs and are a great alternative to hanging pendants or plain downlights.

Chelsea Batten Lights

 Get the look with our Chelsea Batten Lights

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Bunker Globe Light

Get the look with our Bunker Globe Light

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Another great alternative are wall lights. Wall lights will add a decorative element to a room without overcrowding it like a pendant would. They are also a great alternative to table lamps and free up surface space. Use them as bedside lighting in place of pendant or lamps or in a kitchen as an extra light for eating or cooking.

Kitchen Wall Light

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Industrial Two Arm Light

Get the look with our Industrial Two Arm Light

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The most important tip when it comes to decorating a small room is using every bit of storage available to you. This means utilising nooks and crannies and turning them into usable spaces. Architectural features like recesses in walls and even corners can be used as shelving or work desks. 

Small alcove

Corner bathroom storage

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Do you have any tips for decorating a small room? Let us know in the comments below.

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