Declutter With the Utmost of Character

April 02, 2019

Declutter With the Utmost of Character

Decluttering is a way to freshen and update a space. Removing the unnecessary items can make a room feel like new again. However, decluttering does not always mean throwing your items away. Instead you can store clutter culprits using décor enhancing items that will boost your interior appeal whilst serving as a functional piece for years to come.

Storage must always be factored into decluttering and this does not mean you have to compromise on style. Incorporating furniture with built in storage into your rooms is the perfect way to make decluttering simple and easy.

Coffee Tables

Reclaimed Wooden Coffee Table

The living and lounge room is made for comfort. Clutter can be easily be removed with the use of a coffee table with built in storage. Use the table top to feature your favourite coffee table books or magazines and store any extra household items like blankets, DVDs, remote controls or coasters within the drawers. Coffee tables can not only provide a functional storage option within a room, but they can add unique character and style, whilst hiding those items in plain sight.


Side Tables

Reclaimed Wooden & Metal Side Table

These pieces are designed to be lightweight and accessible. Side tables serve as multi-functioning furniture; a place to rest a drink, provide mood lighting with a table lamp or store bits and bobs from around the house. Smaller spaces, like apartment living or guest rooms, can benefit from these tables as nightstands or extra storage options. Being smaller pieces of furniture, they can sit between sofas or couches and slide easily into a corner of a room. Side tables with a drawer and open shelf combination are fantastic accessibility and functionality without losing touch with style.


Console Tables

White Wash Reclaimed Console Table

A clutter free hallway makes a great first impression in your space. Guests will instantly feel the vibe you are trying to achieve and feel welcomed into your space. The best way to declutter, without your space feeling empty, is by using a console table. These can be narrow and sit flush against a wall, whilst offering ample storage with drawers. The table tops can display table lamps, household plants or even be just a spot to place your keys as you walk in the door. Console tables that lead to rooms such as the bathroom or a guest room are excellent for storing extra towels or even linen for smaller spaces without ample closet room.


Cabinets & Sideboards

Wooden Buffet Table 

These pieces can hideaway just about anything. Store away toys, special-occasion silverware, precious tableware and crockery, or even blankets. The reclaimed wooden designs and vintage style will enhance your interior design whilst purposefully hiding and removing clutter. Choose from single side table cabinets to sliding door sideboards to suit your space and storage requirements.

Don’t throwaway all of your possessions during a declutter. Think smart and enhance your interior design with furniture pieces that will serve as functional storage options, all the while adding to your spaces appeal. Our range of vintage style furniture is the perfect way to achieve cleanliness within the home.

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