Inspiring Colourful Lights

October 07, 2013

Inspiring Colourful Lights

Colour can have a lot of influence on our perception of things, and this is especially true for interior design. Bright colours, whether primary or secondary, make a room feel alive as soon as you step into it. So we definitely recommend splashing out with the colour sometimes! For those of you that get nightmares of Willy Wonka's design taste, don't worry. Adding colour to your room doesn't mean everything has to be in (bright) colours. In fact, we find that mixing more gentle tones such as white or earthy materials with some bold accents works magnificently to create a balanced impression that's both vivid and peaceful. And colourful lightsdo a great job here.



Colours in Levels

To find the right balance, dividing your colour evenly across a space is a must. This is easy to do on ground level, where moving furniture usually doesn't pose a problem. However, it gets a bit trickier with ceilings. Usually white, these could do with colourful lights, especially as there's usually only a few lights on each one. The best way to go here is using colourful pendant lights. Not only do they add colour to the ceiling, they also help create horizontal layers in your interior design, without losing the open feeling of a room. A good example is the interior above, where red pendant lights are used to extend the cheerful pattern up into the air. In this case, white is the prevalent tone in the design that provides a powerful contrast with the colours.



A nice example of bright colours in combination with earthy tones is shown above. The soft orange rug and sofa go well with the bright pinks and purples, making the interior lively but not too extreme. Notice how a more simple version of pink pendant cord has been used here – a simple pink cord is creating a subtle but notable accent against the white background. But also a red or yellow pendant light would have gone well here. Colourful ceiling pendant cords are available in many colours and are a good idea if you want to add a more modest hint of colour to your space.



By the way, if you're not a big fan of bright, primary colours at all – not even in moderation – then there are also lots of other, more gentle colours to enliven your space with. For example, a dark green, dark red or mustard yellow pendant light goes well with a rustic interior. An enamel shade barn light for example can add a stylish vintage touch as well as some peaceful colour.


Do you like colourful lights? Let us know about your ideas in the comments below!




(image 1 via remodelista, image 2, 3 & 4 via apartmenttherapyl)

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