What Is Your Kitchen Style?

January 01, 2016

What Is Your Kitchen Style?

The kitchen, the homemaker's favourite hangout, is more than a designated area for cooking mouth-watering meals. It is also an inspired space, created to bring out the best in everyone's inner-chef in order to help them achieve success in every cooking demand. Just like your favourite corners in the home, your kitchen should manifest your own character: colour preferences, decorative likings, and spatial allocation. It could be as flamboyant, or as minimal as you wish. Other than your high-end utilities, there are other factors which can express your kitchen character. Among these: your chosen furniture, ceiling and walls, and of course, kitchen lighting.

Still looking for a particular kitchen persona? We've gathered five of the most popular kitchen interior styles, and to help you emulate each look, we've thrown in a few tips for your use and how to find the right pendant lights to match your style.


1. The Modern Minimalist

an industrial kitchen

You are no plain Jane, and your kitchen says it all: fuss-free, straight-to-the-point, but nonetheless glamorous. You are a hard worker who loves bare kitchen walls, prim looking cabinets and colour-coordinated appliances. This doesn't mean that you have limited your tonal palettes; an industrial kitchen reflects that you are serious about cooking, and you don't need the additional frills to say so. In this particular design, you'll be playing off mostly with the blacks and greys, but you don't have to stick to these colours only. Add a splash of hue by placing a handful of blooms in a concrete vase, and a few visually-enticing accents. For the lighting, we suggest using a pair of the loft ceiling pendant light.

2. The Regally Rustic

rustic kitchen pendant light

You are sentimental, romantic, and profoundly creative. Despite of many modern amenities, you love sticking to your roots, paying attention to homespun traditions you have grown up with and loved. There's nothing archaic with going vintage--in fact, it's one of the most beloved kitchen trends, and will always stay a classic. If you're aiming for this route, make sure you build upon your main design feature: wood. Mix and match wood, glass and stone in your kitchen space, and emphasize its old-world charm with a beautiful vintage industrial light. This wooden dome block pendant lighting  will surely match your nostalgic space; add it on focus corners to fully utilize its illuminating prowess.


3. The Simply Scandinavian

Simply Scandinavian kitchen with cage lighting

You are beautifully basic, introspective, and artsy, and your kitchen speaks the same creative language. Take it from the Nordics; make use of minimal, bare spaces and turn it into something elegant, without overpowering its natural charm. With white and wood as your main backdrop, you can create a stunning kitchen interior with very little accents. Highlight bland walls and tabletops with eye-catching paintings, colourful accents and geometric patterns. Match the colours of the wood with light and dark varieties to set off a relaxed mood. In this particular design, create a charming lighting accent with a series of caged pendant lights. Place it by the nook or hang it strikingly by the wall for the best effect!

4. Summer Serenade

Holiday home kitchen with wicker pendant lights

You are a jetsetter and a lover of the beach and the topics. To you, your home is a prime holiday spot, where everything is lush and bright and merry. This holiday home-inspired kitchen interior is perfect for you--a wood, white and metal inspired theme highlighted with a wicker pendant light feature! No matter what the season is, your nest will always be warm, convenient and cosy! Our tip: scatter greens around your countertops to create a splash of colour. Of course, set off the mood with a pine or fruity scent to make the atmosphere more lively and invigorating.

5. Country Chic

country chic kitchen with black enamel pendant lights

You are a down-to-earth worker, a graceful family member, and a lover of memories. You love to keep your home lived-in; stools scattered for everyone to sit, platters ready for a tasting of your baked goods. Your kitchen is a mesh of modern urban and wistful rural air, both mixed in a contemporary classic many homeowners desire to achieve. Easily do this by installing beautiful cabinetry, wooden furniture, and industrial kitchen lighting. Our suggestion is the cellar pendant light, which is accentuated with a bell-like handle; a refreshing take on old lamps.


Images via FSV and our “Kitchen Lighting” Pinterest board.

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