Interior Lighting Design Ideas for Spring September 05 2013, 0 Comments

Spring is here so it's time to gear up for some interior changes that herald the new season! Traditionally, spring interior design is all about refreshing looks that convey the lively feeling of the season. Lighting can be a surprisingly helpful tool to achieve this effect. Initially, it is obvious that there is less practical need for light during spring. Days are getting longer and light lingers into the evening. However, it's a mistake to let this downplay the importance of light in spring interior design. Lamp shades can add vibrant colour to the room, as well as provide subtle light in the evening, complementing natural sunlight. So what are the trends for this year? Let's have a look at some ideas.

Transparent or Clear Lights:

Transparent and clear lights are a great way to let natural light and artificial light work together to create a balanced atmosphere on those warm spring evenings. While the soft evening light from outside reflects off the lamp shade, light from the light bulb is enhanced by that same transparency. 

This smart technique can work for a wide variety of styles. This Pendant High Bay Light for example is great for industrial or modern designs. But if you're going for something more romantic or rustic, a clear light such as this Minaret Glass Pendant Light is also a very good option. With all of these styles, the light bouncing and reflecting off the lamp material adds another dimension to brighten up your spring interior design.


Green Pendant Lights:

Vintage style classics like our Warehouse ceiling pendant, Cone light or Enamel shade Barn light are an excellent choice if you want to join this year's rustic trend, where concepts like the merging of farm and city, the garden, rough and masculine features are some of the prevalent notions. Enamel shades in particular go well with these themes, as they fit in both a rural, green design as well as in a more masculine, rustic industrial design. Like many vintage pendants, they're very versatile and ideal for home interior lighting design, mostly due to their classic feel and uniform colours. After all, white (inner) and black or federation green (outer) are neutral colours that go well with any kind of colour set.


Bright colours:

Bright colours have remained popular since last spring, and we're glad! Because nothing welcomes the new flower season like some radiant hues. Trends for this season show a wide array of bold colours, and concepts like surrealism and enchantment give you plenty of opportunity to use these for an original and inspirational design. Luckily, your home interior lighting design can work to the full to help bring your rooms to life. Something as simple as a pendant cord can brighten up your usually boring white ceiling by adding a splash of colour. Let this work together with other brightly coloured objects and you'll have an energetic interior that radiates a lively atmosphere. Just like the new season.


Which design are you going for this spring? Let us know in the comments, we'd love to know!