Out with the Old? A few Tips to Redecorate your Home

August 28, 2013

Out with the Old? A few Tips to Redecorate your Home

Sometimes you just feel like a change. And what better place to begin than the home you live in? Various scientific studies have suggested that interior design affects mood, social behavior and even health. So no wonder we sometimes get edgy to redecorate our homes. And it doesn't necessarily mean there has to be a complete overhaul. Your old style can be very easily transformed into something new, as long as you know how to mix in the right new touches. Here are some interior design tips to get you going.


1. FOCUS: To put a new focus to your space, add an eye-catching piece of furniture that will be the centerpiece of attention. This can be anything from a boldly colored TV-stand to anantique iron cast desk. This tactic goes especially well with a symmetric arrangement. Once the centerpiece is in place, make sure the rest of your old furniture is arranged accordingly and revised in the same style. You'd be amazed what a good sanding or paint-job can do in this respect. And if you're not a DIY person, you can alwaysbuy vintage stuff online to help you out with redecorating your home in your new chosen style.


 2. ACCESSORISE: Accessories can make or break an interior, especially if you have a modern and minimal design. Round up all of your old, non-essential furniture and objects such as vases, storage boxes, wall-hangings and whatnot and replace them with something fresh and new. For example, redecorating this bedroom above has been done with very few and yet effective changes: the simplistic, black and white design has been instantly enlivened with some bright red elements and pendant light cord.


3. LIGHTS: Sometimes replacing all the lights can bring about the change you need. Go bold by using big, industrial lamp shades such as enamel pendant lights like this warehouse ceiling pendant. Or go small but intimate by literally changing the lighting and replacing regular light bulbs with  filament light bulbs. When put in clear glass pendants or cage lamp shades, or just hanging free from the ceiling, they create a unique, warm light.


4. STRIP: When living in the same home for a while, the design tends to clutter up over time with loads of stuff that just doesn't go together. In this case it can be refreshing to start all over again by going back to basics and strip things of their outer layers. For example, expose your bare walls for a grungy, vintage look. Or sand your furniture or staircase for a natural feel. The breathing space this creates can be accentuated by redecorating your home with accessories as mentioned above.


5. GO: Just get going. With a bit of work, you could have a new style in place very quickly. Hopefully these interior design tips have given you some ideas to do it. Just remember not to let your old home design hold you back, but to use it in a new way to redecorate your bedroom, living room, kitchen or even the entire house! It is easy enough when you mix in your old style with the new.
Have you recently redone your home using old styles? Do you have some tips of your own to mix past and present? Let us know in the comments and help others out with your restyling interior design tips!


(image 1 via onekindesign, image 2 via Fat Shack Vintage, image 3 via Pinterest)
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