Edison Bulbs: Reinvent the Lights in your Space

August 12, 2013

Edison Bulbs: Reinvent the Lights in your Space


Vintage, industrial and rustic are popular interior styles, and in their wake many interesting and cool lights have come about. But when you think about lightingfor your home or office, you usually look at stylish pendant lights, intriguing stands or catchy colours. What is often overlooked is the light bulb itself. Sure, an interestingly shaped light bulb here or there, but it needs to complement the lamp shade. Unless you're really going for that cold, industrial, modern look. But that's where most people are wrong. Industrial, as well as vintage and rustic looks, can combine a modern and hip feeling with a warm atmosphere, and that's where the star of rustic lighting comes in: the edison light bulb.

To name these types of light bulbs after the guy who popularised electric light bulbs couldn't have been a better choice. They have an authentic look and feel, like they're coming straight from the late 1800s. The magical glowing wire captures the eye and  goes best with a wired or no lamp shadeat all. The light it radiates is warm and inviting, and will add a pleasant touch to any design. The reason for this is the material used, which also gives the bulb its alternative name: filament bulbs

The best chance anyone used to have of  finding these vintage edison light bulbs was in up-town restaurants, but since then they have really had a breakthrough in home and office designs as well. You can now buy edison bulbs of all shapes and sizes, for any type of space. The interesting wire shapes go with many kind of designs, like the aforementioned industrial, vintage and rustic.

The latter two styles are great to make your home peaceful and inviting. Go for a mix of wire cage lamp shades and edison bulbs to keep the vintage theme and add open light at the same time. Or leave the shade and place the bulbs anywhere you want. It's one of the greatest secrets of these lights: you can use them in any kind of formation, creating surprising and playful effects. /for example, bundle up tubular edison bulbs above your dinner or coffee table for a flood of soft light. Or hang a few classic round edison bulbs at various heights in your kid's bedroom for a cheerful view. You can even create a wave of lights next to your living room wall. Anything is possible!

Thinking of workplaces such as offices, edison light bulbs are perhaps best combined with an industrial look. It helps to prevent the danger that lies in industrial designs: an environment that looks modern and professional, but lacks a sense of hospitality. And that is often a key factor when you want to draw people in – both clients and good employees. Adding some edison style light bulbs helps a great deal in this respect because of its warm light and pleasing sight. It's even a miracle worker in the unfortunate case that an office has had very little design work done on it. Just replace the lamps with these filament bulbs (with or without wired shades) and add a few accessoires, and the environment will be greatly improved.

So if you think your space is in need of some warm elements, imagine how adding these vintage lights would look. If you buy some edisons bulbs, it might just do the trick! 

In what way would you use edison light bulbs? Let everyone know by commenting below!


(image 1 via apartmenttherapy, image 3 via houzz, image 4 via SND CYN studios)


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