6 Ways To Let Industrial Enamel lights Shine

July 18, 2013

6 Ways To Let Industrial Enamel lights Shine

The enamel pendant light was common to warehouses and factories of yesteryear. Now enamel lights are making their way into the homes and offices of today. Enamel light shades of the past have a simple industrial design so are well at home in just about any room of the house. The gloss baked enamel finish of these pendants can be found in every colour under the sun but common to the style is always a crisp white contrasting inner.

Enamel pendant lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes making them a popular choice for a wide range of rooms. Here are 8 ways in which the enamel pendant light can be used in your space. 

Over the table: Hanging a couple of pendants above a rectangular table is not only a smart way to light the entire table surface but aesthetically balances the space. Achieve this look with our Factory ceiling pendants (image via designskool)

Over the kitchen island/counter: These industrial style enamel light shades have an industrial classic design that brings vintage charm to even the most modern kitchens. (image via houzz)

Night light by the side of the bed: in lieu of the traditional table lamp and where space is limited why not hang a light fixture on either side of the bed? It will effectively light the area and can also inject some much needed colour into a room such as this federation green light shade(image via pinterest) 

Workbench: large pendant shades hung low over a piece of furniture such as a side table or bench can create a dramatic moody look.

In the hallway: give this area a sculptural element by hanging an enamel pendant light in the hallway. Achieve this look with our Factory ceiling pendants (image via designskool)

The unused corner: replace the floor lamp in an unused corner to create an identity to the space. The simple lines of the enamel pendant shade add a stylish alternative to the otherwise traditional floor lamp. Achieve this look with our Studio Pendant Light

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