Industrial lights in the home July 08 2013, 0 Comments



No longer do homeowners have to think that industrial-style lighting is just for big warehouse or loft style spaces. The industrial lighting trend is now well and truly embedded in the everyday home. It’s great to see the love of vintage industrial style lighting spreading. The warehouse style ceiling lights really work well in this living room. (image via miss-design)




Using industrial style lights is now about the big and bold aesthetics rather than the actual solution of giving bright light to a huge industrial factory space. (image via onekindesign)




A heavily industrial influenced interior is naturally not to everyone’s taste. Many are softening the use of vintage industrial style lighting in their homes with the contrast of plush fabrics, carpets and cosy couches. This industrial style tripod floor lamp looks right at home in this living room (image via remodelista).




Let there be light… and lots of them! Whatever you do, don’t be content with a boring oyster flush mount ceiling light. Go big or go bold or go bright. Both the fixtures and bulbs can completely transform a room and add some much needed colour. These vintage style filament bulbs look great in colourful pendant cord fixtures and fit in seamlessly with this modern kitchen (image via interiorholic)




Warehouse style lights in the home are more chic than ever. The domestic industrial light trend sees homeowners thinking creatively on how to incorporate more dramatic lighting into their homes. These high-drama pendant lights create the focus on the landing and balance the bold lettering on the adjacent wall (image via ilikeink)




You don’t need to have industrial loft interiors to use industrial lighting for the home. As seen in the studio in Byron Bay pad of renowned Australian artist, David Bromley. Our cage industrial pendant lights are a stand out in the dining chill out area. (image via Trendland)