Create a Natural Look with Neutrals

November 27, 2015

Create a Natural Look with Neutrals

When you think about decorating with neutral colour schemes your initial thought may be of them being drab, lifeless and boring.  But with the right styling, a neutral room can be anything but.  Neutral hues are very much on-trend in home décor at the moment, lending themselves to be used well with a sleek, chic, minimalist style that reflects nature.

Relaxation in the bedroom

Neutrals are perfect for bedrooms. In fact, many sleep experts recommend decorating with neutral colours and no bright or bold patterns in the bedroom so you can create a soothing, calming space that is perfect for slumber.

industrial wall lights image via remodelista

Breaking up the neutral in the room with black industrial desk lamps or industrial swing wall lamps brings a functional style element as well as creating cozy, comforting light in keeping with the calm retreat feeling of the room.

Shapes add style

When decorating with neutrals you should vary the shades of similar colours in the room and use patterns to create interest in the different design elements and keep eyes moving throughout the space.

nordic pendant light in kitchen looks good image via remodelista

This neutral kitchen features eye-catching geometric tiles on the splashback as well as a uniquely shaped Nordic pendant light to enhance the room.

Natural appeal

Natural materials such as wood and wicker work extremely well with a neutral theme. Not only to they provide different textures to layer the look, but they work exceptionally well in a beautiful light, airy room filled with good natural light.  Accessories like plants really bring together a wonderful, calming, natural theme.

wicker pendant light above dining table image via remodalista

Statement lighting pieces like these wicker pendant lights add charm and warming ambience to the room. 

The light look of linens

Yet another amazing natural fiber is linen, which gives an amazing crisp, clean feel when used to decorate a room. From curtains to cushions, linen is classy and timeless. It also pairs well with other natural fibers like wicker.

tripod lamp in lounge room image via warick

Take your room’s look to the next level by including a lighting piece as a talking point like a tripod floor lamp, inspired by vintage marine signal lamps, it commands attention and injects style to the room.

Layer textures

Contrasting textures, fabrics and shapes as well as pops of colour in art and accessories can give the room that wow factor.  That is achieved here by different cushions in different shapes and materials, the contrast of the fur rug and shapes used in the mirror and lighting features.

woven pendant light image via onekindesign

wicker pendant light is in an eye catching shape while a circular table lamp made from glass and with a linen natural shade can add an extra striking style element to the room.

Open plan living

Clean lines and a neutral palette are perfect for an open plan living space. A soft, clean, uncluttered look is ideal – in such a big space, a busy look can be overwhelming. Soft neutrals are a great way to achieve this, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere and make the most of natural light. 

neutral design with glass shades and flush mount lighitng image via decorpad

Low key light fixtures that add an elegant touch but don’t dominate the room, are also perfect, like these factory batten lights with cage guard. Glass jar pendant lights also add a touch of fashion and sophistication without overpowering the room.

Image 1, 2 & 3 via Remodelista, Image 4 via Warwick, Image 5 via Onekindesign, Image 6 via Decorpad

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