5 upcycling ideas for your vintage TV June 13 2013, 0 Comments

In a world where everything has gone digital and it’s out with the old, in with the new, stop a minute to ponder on all the wonderful things that have gone before. It’s the natural cycle of that thing called progress but does it have to mean “so long to the old”? The short answer is no. There’s no better example than the good old analogue TV. Vintage tellies have long been out-dated but people are always thinking of creative ways to re-use or upcyle these little wonders of the yesteryear. Here are 5 of our favourite upcycling ideas on how to keep these little vintage gems alive and kicking. 



1. Use it as a piece of furniture

Aside from being a collectable piece of vintage electronics history it makes a great side display stand, side table or small telephone table for the hallway. Sets like these are getting harder and harder to find... true pieces of vintage history.





2. Create a fish tank

The latest “Aquarivision” television in your home! An aquarium TV is not only relaxing to watch but it’s sure to more entertaining than the majority of what’s currently on the tube.




3. Create a “new” TV you can use

Why not gut the old television cabinet and insert a LCD monitor? Depending on the condition of your vintage TV, keep the internals and attach a digital set top box / media player. You can then watch your favourite classic black and white movies the way they were meant to be or even give the latest movies a shot of nostalgia by streaming them in black and white.




4. Create a home bar

Always wanted your own bar at home but never been keen on the idea of it dominating the whole room?  Vintage TV’s can be converted to make fantastic little home bars. Not only perfect for showcasing your drinks but will also make a great talking point in any home. Cheers to that!





5. Create a Doggy bed

Your pooch will love having its own bed in the house and you’ll love having something that makes a statement and not just an unsightly dog bed in the corner.