8 Quick Switches to Make Your Small Business Office Greener July 08 2016, 0 Comments

Every small business owner's main concern is how to grow their company. But how about adding a few more positive notes to your reputation? This can easily be done by creating a greener working environment. Not only do you benefit from daily productivity, but you also become more efficient by reducing your ecological footprint. Wondering where to start? Here are eight easy tips on how to transform your small business office into a greener space.

Optimize energy settings for your PC: 

creating a greener working environment by Optimize energy settings for your PC

There's no doubt that, at this day and age, your computer is amongst the central tools in your workplace. However, we all know that these electronic devices consume energy, even while placed on standby. What you can do: set your PCs to energy saving settings. Make use of a power strip, which is helpful for shutting all devices down properly. Additionally, unplug your peripherals, such as printers and scanners, when not in use. You effectively cut your small business office's utility bill, and still get the same yield.

Make wise decisions with paper:

Paper is one of the largest waste items in the office, and it's a sad fact, as these small, flimsy sheets consume large amounts of mashed, bleached tree pulps. Avoid the need for cutting down trees by keeping things digital. Easily send files online. Keep documents on computers and cloud storages instead of using file cabinets (which also removes the bulk inside your small business office). When buying printer paper, make sure to look for recycled ones with high post-consumer content and low chlorine bleaching. Print on both sides, if allowed.

Change your light bulbs into LEDs:

Your light bulbs have a great effect on your office, more than you think. When making that switch, change to LEDs. LED light bulbs offer 80 lumens per watt, which benefits your workplace with lower electric bills and less of the greenhouse gasses. Compared to CFLs, LEDs have a longer lifespan and do not contain toxic substances such as mercury, which is harmful to health and environment. You'll get fewer bulb replacements with this robust replacement, and still get the right lighting you need.

Leave no smoke trails in commuting:

creating a greener working environment by riding to work

Cars are one of the greatest producers of smoke, but making wise choices about the way you commute can help reduce unnecessary carbon footprints. Choose a small business office that is near your living area, so you and your employees can easily walk or bike instead of driving your own vehicles. Use public transport, or carpool, to reach distant areas.

Avoid disposable cutlery:

Another way to cut down waste production is to avoid plastic, disposable materials. Instead of purchasing lunch outside, pack your food and eat along with the others in your pantry. Stock up on ceramic bowls, mugs and silver utensils. Advise employees to bring their reusable wares instead of one-time cutlery.

Buy green products:

Did you know that it takes a lot of energy to produce the detergents and chemicals we use every day? These products are also harmful to the environment and your health, as these contain toxic substances and nasty odours behind. Your best alternative? Green cleaning products. Make practical detergents out of a lemon or vinegar mix, or choose to buy from organic sellers. instead of the supermarket variants.

Segregate properly:

Everyone knows this tip, but only a few gets to act on it. Recycling is perhaps the least demanding method to go green, and you can easily do this by labeling your bins into proper codes. Dispose each type of waste appropriately; separate paper, plastic, glass, as well as other toxic items such as ink cartridges and batteries.

Get the whole office involved:

As a business owner, it is your duty to keep watch and maintain a greener workplace. However, make your role easier by compelling others in the act. Inspire your employees to choose wiser, eco-friendly methods at work. Create a team to uphold these practices at all times. At best, do not limit it in your office; make it a lifestyle and influence the people at home to do the same!


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How about you? How can you make your small business office greener? Share your tips by commenting below!

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