8 Modern Chandeliers That Can Make Any Space Look Chic

August 04, 2017

8 Modern Chandeliers That Can Make Any Space Look Chic

Like an elaborate hat or an expensive jewel, modern chandeliers add a touch of elegance to your room, whatever the size. Its decorative features – either dramatic, protruding branches, symmetrical rods, billowing globes or spider-like limbs – function as an artistic element in an otherwise plain room. If you've always desired a contemporary charm for your space, installing a chandelier is a good choice. And the better part is, it comes with many designs that will fit your decorating flavour. Here are eight of our favourite modern chandeliers and how you can use them in your own interior.


The Branch

Swedish Glass Chandelier

Picture via our Pinterest Page

This whimsical chandelier brightens up the serious-looking room in Ett Hem Hotel Stockholm, Sweden. We love the curvy glass that adds a fruit-like image surrounding the bulb; the entire lighting object itself looked like a branch plucked from a tree! See how it nicely blends into its surroundings without overpowering the rest of the decor.

Spider Sceptre

Spider Chandelier

Picture via our Pinterest Page

This gloriously minimal room is accentuated by a metallic spider chandelier that brightened up the atmosphere with its gold hue. It matches the lovely side table and earthy undertones in the décor. We love the simplicity of its form.

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Cloudy Day

Cluster Pendant

Picture via our Pinterest Page

Invite a piece of sky into your home thanks to this wonderful cluster of globe lights stuck together like a thick, cumulus cloud. Think of it as an upside-down balloon! The playfulness of this light is enough to be the centre of attention in this modern dining space.

Stunning Spotlights


Picture via our Pinterest Page

Modern chandeliers don’t have to be all glass. This contemporary stunner is made out of industrial lights put together for an authentic masculine charm. It complements the dark wood features of this interior while giving off the right amount of illumination upon the work table.


Mid-century Marvel

Mid Century Decor

Picture via our Pinterest Page

Three dapper industrial shades star in this modern chandelier that makes the mid-century inspired room more-chic. Instead of going with the traditional drop-crystals, a hint of steampunk industrial creates a fresh new vibe in the space.

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Concrete Clusters

Concrete Chandelier

Picture via our Pinterest Page

This modern chandelier takes a page from brick warehouses to add a youthful twist to your present-day interior. It blends well with the black and tart yellow stools, the brick divider and the general minimalist charm of the space. Another thing we love – the texture of the concrete shade gives off a raw, unfinished vibe that fares well with masculine décor.

Little Lovely Lights

Pendant Bulb Chandelier

Picture via our Pinterest Page

A solitary light bulb doesn’t really say much. But put them together – either symmetrical or asymmetrical – and you can make a statement. Rock the bulb culture by putting them together as a focal point; easily do this by connecting variants of bulbs and holders by a pendant cord.

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United Umbrella

Umbrella Chandelier

Picture via our Pinterest Page

Why have just one pendant light when you can have two – or maybe five? Instead of crystal drops, this chandelier takes pride in its series of modern-day lamps that be adjusted in length and breadth, anyway you want. Umbrella chandeliers offers versatility like no other and can easily fit in most contemporary decors.

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Our love for modern chandeliers will never wane. Check out more feature lighting in our blog by tuning in every week! Meanwhile, send us your thoughts by commenting below.

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