5 tips: a coffee table should reflect you and your interior decor May 23 2013, 0 Comments


a coffee table for your kids to do their drawings on image via houzz

1. Determine the use of your coffee table
After a coffee table for your living room but not sure what style suits you best? Take the time to make sure your coffee table suits not only your needs but also style before buying one. Coffee table can have numerous functions – displaying your treasured art books, a table for your kids to do their drawings on, for you to put your feet up on... Determining the use of your coffee table will help you decide the type you’re after.  Once that is done the next steps are to ensure that your coffee table reflect your style and interior décor. (image via houzz)



Vintage retro coffee table from fat shack vintage

2. Make it a focal point in your living room:
A coffee table is that one piece of furniture that can really bring your design style together.  It’s the focal point of most  living rooms as they are commonly in the center of them, so ensure you dress them up to reflect your style.  (image via houzz)




Vintage retro coffee table from fat shack vintage

3. Don’t clutter your coffee table:
Is your coffee table hiding under all its clutter? Does it seem forgotten under all the papers, magazines, tv remotes and other bits and bobs you have on there? Now is the time to de-clutter! Once that is done you can happily dress that coffee table up to reflect your interior. After this vintage retro coffee table? More info: http://ow.ly/ljkCs  




industrial coffee table in living room
4. Accessorise your coffee table:
You can easily have a well-styled coffee table by simply having accessorising it! Use items such as books, flowers, colourful trinkets or small sculptures. This will give your table much needed interest and opportunity to reflect your style.  If you have a rectangular coffee table, display a runner along the length of it. For added character, choose a runner with a bold prints and fun colours. A vase with flowers will also add more character to the room and some much needed colour  too. (image via sasinteriors)




rustic chic coffee table in living room

5. Add varying heights:
Think carefully when accessorising your coffee table as you will want to avoid items that have all the same height. Books are a great way to help with varying heights. Simply stack them on top of each other to create a visual difference. Don’t stack items that are all the same size or to the same scale.  (image via houzz)