When the average light bulb just won't do! April 13 2013, 0 Comments

Vintage reproduction filament bulbs ( aka the ‘Edison bulb’ ) are antique looking light bulbs that give off a warm hue like only a filament bulb can. They cast a beautiful intimate glow that is perfect for creating ambience in any room. The idea is to create atmosphere, not to use them to light the entire house.

These old fashioned style light bulbs are very in fashion at the moment and show no sign of stopping. They are truly beautiful to look at; to literally see energy being harnessed for light... they are a statement all alone and are sure to be a talking point.

Whether you are looking to update your home, office , storefront or café there are a variety of shapes, bulb types and filament styles to choose from such as:

Large round filament bulb            Round spiral filament          Quad loop round                Tubular filament bulb                         

Squirrel Cage Filament - Edison Bulb                      Round spiral filament bulb                  Quad loop round bulb                                       

  Quad loop tear drop            Squirrel Cage Filament

                   Edison Light Bulb - Squirrel Cage Filament

A great feature of these bulbs is that the low 25 wattage means that when looking directly into them, they won’t hurt your eyes like other normal light globes do. No need for dimmers, you can look right at it and see the beautiful glowing filament without hurting your eyes. 

edison light bulb on pendant ligt fixture

Nothing produces the same soft, warm and inviting antique glow. Filament Edison bulbs, look right at home in this country style kitchen. (image via countrydesignhome)

country style kitchen with edison bulb image via countrydesignhome


These light bulbs look amazing hung low and bare from pendant cords and are often hung this way to add a rustic vintage accent to a room. (image via apartmenttherapy)

Decorative light bulbs make an aesthetic appeal in this dining room image via apartmenttherapy


These vintage style filament bulbs look great in colourful light cord fixtures and fit in seamlessly with this modern kitchen decor style (image via interiorholic)

 filament bulbs in modern kitchen decor

Theses Edison bulbs are extremely popular in restaurant and office designs. We’ve seen them used to great effect in bars and restaurants where they add a low warm glow and a home away from home vintage appeal.

Edison light bulbs in bar


These vintage style bulbs look great in exposed light fixtures and add an instant warm industrial vibe to any room type. They add a nostalgic feel to this classically marble bathroom (image via houzz)

edison light bulbs in bathroom design