Make your interior design shine with these Diamond Lights March 28 2013, 2 Comments

Pendant lghting using Diamond Lights


Diamonds maybe a girl’s best friend but these Diamond Lights capture the magic for everyone to enjoy. Created by Swedish graphic designer Eric Therner, these Diamond lights are definitely something different then your usual energy saving light bulbs


Diamond Lights is a light bulb with the iconic form of a diamond and which challenge the typical shape of your pear shaped or everyday round light bulb. It’s an energy saving halogen bulb that is not only practical but equally defining by the style statement it creates in a room with its commanding presence. 


Diamond Lights hung bare from pendant light fixtures


Diamond Lights energy saving light bulb


This multi-faceted diamond shaped light bulbs look amazing hung low and bare from pendant lights as they emanate a romantically vintage vibe. Team these light bulbs with authentic vintage industrial furnishings and you will automatically create interesting interiors.

Diamond Lights are a decorative bulb and are the perfect addition to any modern, industrial or eclectic décor and looks good regardless if the light is turned on or switched off.

Diamond Lights on a pendant ceiling cord