5 Bright Ideas on Using Multi-Light Pendants for Your Décor

February 09, 2017

5 Bright Ideas on Using Multi-Light Pendants for Your Décor

The modern-day chandelier, multi-light pendants feature a cluster of fixtures attached to a single central point. They offer more pizzazz than an individually hanging pendant light; giving your decor a fuller, more complete look. Multi-lights come in different styles—from simple drop lights to a bundle of contemporary lamps, all affixed on a single track. They are remarkably eye-catching and versatile, and they serve the function as a normal pendant would—and probably much more.

These pendant lights can be used anywhere in the home. We think they look gorgeous hovering above tables and nooks, offering that much-needed illumination to your dining, kitchen and living spaces. If you're wondering where this lighting fixture could fit in your décor, here are some of our favourite ideas:

Gleaming globes: 

This artistic dining room features a multi-light pendant. The Edison bulbs are encased in colourful globes, adding much colour to the white and black furniture. It complements the sensational gallery featured at the surrounding walls, giving this room a harmonized appearance. 

Office Original:

Find your workplace a bit boring? Switch the lights into a more creative fixture. This look, in our opinion, is genius. Using a variety of lamps to match the muted, pastel colours of the setting, a new, imaginative atmosphere was imbibed in this office. The cords from the lamps allow each pendant to be multi-directional, so users can append each fixture to various ways as they wish. 

Sparkly Stairs: 

Brighten up the hallways and staircases with an unusual illumination, like this dazzling drop pendant. Featuring a cluster of bulbs affixed in different lengths, this multi-lights pendant gives off an illusion of a spiral, as if guiding every user to a magical walk up and down the stairs. 

Distressed Diamonds:

Add a glamorous touch to your industrial-themed living with a gorgeous cluster of multi-lights. It shines radiantly against the worn-out brick wall and distressed wooden beams; a surprising take on this masculine décor. 

Island Interest: 

Islands are one of the perfect spaces to install a multi-lights pendant. The lighting fixture creates an impressive highlight above the bar. Plus, it offers a better view for your task lighting needs. One tip: use dimmable lights to help you ease out on the glare. This helps in providing a subtle, more ambient glow in the kitchen whenever you need it.

Here at Fat Shack Vintage,multi-lights pendants take up a special place in our online store. They come in different shapes and sizes—from versatile drops to fixed gooseneck arms. Use these accessories along with our variety of excellent, curated light bulbs. Discover the possibilities of decorating your interior with a multi-light pendant by visiting this page.

How do you plan on installing multi-lights pendant in your décor? Share it by commenting below.

Images via Fat Shack Vintage Pinterest Board - Multi Light Pendants.

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