Affordable Vintage Industrial Lighting that Won’t Break the Bank

October 09, 2015

Affordable Vintage Industrial Lighting that Won’t Break the Bank

A new pendant light above your dining table or a new set of bedside lamps for the bedroom can have a big impact when you want to give your room a new look and feel. Sometimes, having a modest budget may feel like such purchases are impossible. But have no fear! There are also more budget-friendly options available at Fat Shack Vintage. With the right light placed in the right spot, much drama can be created. So have a look at these ten vintage industrial lighting fixtures under 100 dollars and discover which one could work magic for you!

pressed ceiling glass light

Price: $95.00
These eclectic chic pressed glass ceiling lights are created by compressing molten glass into a hollow mould, which is then annealed in a kiln to form the waves of glass. They catch the light beautifully and are best hung where they can reflect the natural light coming in through the window. Perfect for in the kitchen and dining area but also in offices, for example.

2. Oak top pendant light

design oak top pendant light

Price: $95.00
These metal pendant lights have a clean elegant shape and are topped with a small oak handle. Industrial lighting at its finest, the shade and ceiling rose have a textured exterior finish. They are a great stand alone pendant, for example as a bedside light.

3. Vintage umbrella pendant light

vintage umbrella pendant light

Price: from $93.00
These umbrella pendant lights have a time worn feel that would be right at home in both a modern or rustic setting. The scalloped shade of this vintage industrial lighting fixture has a raw painted finish which adds to its vintage charm. A statement piece that’s perfect for providing general lighting in the living room, for example.

4. Ceiling Pendant Crossbar Guard Light

industrial crossbar guard pendant light large

Price: $90.00
This vintage industrial lighting mixes the old with the new to create something unique. Its crossbar guard light shade made from aluminum is an eye-catching centerpiece that commands attention in any room. Popular applications are above dining tables and counter tops in kitchen lighting or in the living room over coffee tables and seating areas.

5. Pendant Light Cords - Cork or Concrete

Small industrial pendant lights - cork & concrete

Price: $85.00
These affordable lighting fixtures have a clean and minimalist style which is perfect for areas that don't need to be overstated. They are made from either cork or concrete; two materials which look both natural and raw and so can give that urban angle to many types of interiors. A unique little pendant that can subtly transform your space.

6. Wire Cage Industrial Pendant - Trouble Light

industrial wire cage pendant light

Price: $83.00
This type of vintage industrial lighting still enjoys a huge popularity because of its simple but appealing wire cage shade. Reminiscent of the old-fashioned trouble lights that were used in industrial working environments such as mines and factories, these robust pendant lights look great both opened up or closed.

7. Metal shade pendant light

industrial gun metal shade pendant light

Price: $80.00
If you like simple and clean, this is the pendant light for you. This industrial lighting fixture comes in four beautiful finishes: brushed chrome, matt black, gun metal and white. The metal shades have a classic retro styling with smooth bell shaped curves that suit most interior styles.

8. Superlux Small Desk Lamp

retro desk lamp - superlux small

Price: $75.00
When it comes to task lighting, there are few desk lamps as robust and reliable as thissmall retro superlux desk lamp. Whether you need a good reading light for your study or flexible desk lamp for your (home) office, these lamps are a perfect pick because of their timeless styling and precision engineering.

9. Box table lamp

vintage box table lamp

Price: $65.00
This wonderfully simple box table lamp wins over many people with its vintage look. Teamed up with a large round filament light bulb it creates an authentic "bare" vintage industrial lighting statement that’s perfect for adorning dressers, side tables and desks.

10. E27 Pendant – Red, Yellow & Black

yellow pendant light cord

Price: $50.00
These silicon rubber ceiling pendant cords are styled after the E27 pendant lamp by internationally successful architect and Swedish designer Mattias Ståhlbom. The industrial lighting fixture has been designed to be hung bare, so its simple design will suit most decors. Available in red, yellow and black and perfect to team up with beautiful bulbs such as our waterfall LED light bulb, it will infuse your room with industrial style.

What is your favourite affordable vintage industrial lighting fixture out of these ten? Let us know in the comments below!

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